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Y/N: That's all I can remember from my dream, but it didn't felt like a dream at all...

I looked up at Commander and the Captains. I couldn't read their expressions. 

Erwin: There are a lot of holes in that story...

Levi: But it doesn't explain your relationship with this symbol. 

I then noticed something.

Y/N: Captain Levi. Why are you so demanding?

Levi: Demanding? What are you trying to say?

Y/N: And're being too quiet...why do I have a feeling that you know something about this symbol...?

I watched as Levi and Mikasa stayed quiet. Both Commander Erwin and Captain Hange looked at the both of them.

Levi: Erwin...Hange...can you get out of the room...

I watched as Commander and Captain leave the room. Levi let out a heavy sigh. 

Levi: You'll be the only one to see this. And you won't speak of this to anyone. Do you understand?

Y/N: Yes...

I watched as Levi pulled up his sleeve to reveal a bandage on his wrist. 

Levi: You too. Mikasa. 

I watched as Mikasa did the same. They both unraveled the bandages on their wrists. My eyes widened.

Y/N: No way...

Levi: Now that you see it. Explain. How do you know this clan?

I looked down and tried my best to remember. But all I can remember is a wall, people in white uniforms, and Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie.

Y/N: I can't...I can't remember anything...I'm sorry. But...why do you have that symbol as a marking on your wrists?

Levi: It's because we are a part of the same clan. The Asian Clan. Lead by the Azumabito family. 

Mikasa: It's not lead by the Azumabito family, Captain. They started the clan.

Levi: My mistake. But I do hope that you have an answer to my question.

Y/N: Yes, sir. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Levi: Rest up. You still have things to do.

Levi unlocked the door and leave the room. I then laid down onto the bed.

Y/N: I can't believe this...

Mikasa: I didn't think it would be like this. 

Y/N: Things happen unprecedently. 

I then remember my memories. The memories of Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie. Annie specifically.

Mikasa: About your dream...or your past memory...

Y/N: That's in the past, Mikasa. 

I held Mikasa's hand and gave it a quick peck.

Y/N: I love you, Mikasa. Whatever I had before is now in my memories. I like to live in the present.

I watched as Mikasa smiled and her cheeks started to give in red color.

Mikasa: That's all I wanted to hear from you, Y/N.

I smiled back and gave her hand a quick squeeze. 

Y/N: You should go now. I'll be here when you come back. 

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