Final Destination?

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You did quite a good job back there...but there is always time to improve...

'I know that...'

I opened my eyes and stared at the all so familiar ceiling. I tried moving my arms, but they were attached to the bed railing.

Y/N: Here I am again...

I took a look around the hospital room, and I noticed someone sleeping soundly on my lap. I could only smile, despite the place I am in right now.

Y/N: (softly)Mikasa...wake're going to drool on my pants...

Mikasa seemed to hear me, and she slowly started to stir. She turned her head towards me and just stared at me.

Y/N: (smiles)Hey there, Mikasa. Sorry about-



I then felt a pair of arms hug my torso. I then felt warm tears threatening to seep through my shirt.

Mikasa: Don't ever...EVER...betray us like that...okay...?

Y/N: Yeah...I didn't know what I was thinking back there...but...I learned a little something about me in my past life...

Mikasa: And what did you learn?

Y/N: I stopped in a place, or country, called the Middle Nations...and that's what I can only remember...and the voice in my told me to head further east...

Mikasa: And did you go east?

Y/N: I'm assuming I did...but I don't know for sure...

Mikasa only nodded and tightened her grip around me. I nuzzled my head closer to Mikasa's shoulder.

Y/N: I'm not going anywhere. I promise.

Mikasa: Are you willing to keep your promise?

Y/N: I am...but we both know...that promises are meant to be broken...

Mikasa: Let's hope that this promise doesn't break. Okay?

I could only nod.

Y/N: You don't know how much I missed you...

Mikasa: I know you missed me...and I missed you too...but it's the military life... this is the only time we can both rest for a little.

Y/N: Yeah...


The door opened to reveal Commander Erwin, Captain Levi, and Eren.

Y/N: Good...erm...afternoon?

Erwin: Likewise.

I noticed that Commander Erwin's right arm was missing. I decided that I would ask him later. All three men took their seats and Mikasa comfortably sat next to me.

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