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Wall Maria

Levi: Clear out the small ones first, then we advance towards the bigger ones. Got it?

I unsheathed my swords and nodded. I heard the distant roars of Eren's Titan. I then spotted two from the east. 

'Today's the wrong day Beastie called you guys...'

I immediately slid my blades across both of their napes. They fell like chopped trees.

' guys shouldn't even be here...on such a day like this...'


I looked down to see Marlo with some horses.

Marlo: Now's our chance! Hurry!

Levi: Clean up the small ones already! Do it before the Beast Titan moves! And no casualties! Don't you dare die!


I then landed next to Levi.

Levi: Shit, this is pathetic. The weak ones die so fast. Should've kept'em up there.

Y/N: It's no use. We're down here now. We do what he asks us to do. Just like you casualties.

I jumped off of the roof and spotted another 3-meter class chasing after the newbies. I easily sliced it dead.

'Levi's right...we should've kept them up there...but they're all doing something now. If we just tell them to go up, then no horses and the Beast Titan gets what he wants. We have no choice but to continue flying and slashing.'

I then spotted another one and slashed it too. Then I heard another roar in the distance.

'This doesn't sound like...Eren...could it be...?'

Before I could catch on, I watched as a barrel flew over the wall. 


I was going to run back in, but then a hand prevented me from going. 

Levi: They can deal with it. We need to deal with the Beast Titan and his congo line. Erwin gave this job to us knowing we're fully capable of doing it more than anyone else. It's either you listen to me or you go act like a fool.

I looked down and fisted my hands tightly. I turned around and faced the Beast Titan and his line.

Y/N: Then...what are we going to do?

Levi: Just like I said earlier. I go right, you go left. 

I started walking towards the Titans when Levi stopped me again. 

Y/N: Do we go now?! Or what?! Choose Levi! We can't keep-

Levi: Shut up for a damn minute! We have to wait for them to-!


Both Levi and I looked back as yellow lightning struck the district. 

'There could only be one person to create that big of a blast...'

Y/N: ...Bertholdt...

I looked up at the wall as I could see his steam. I gripped onto the sword's hilt. A few minutes passed by...and one of the Squad Leaders came to report.

Squad Leader: We're done cleaning up here. The only small ones left are the ones at the way front. Still, how will we take down the Beast Titan? He's perfectly content sitting way over there, not moving an inch.

Levi: Yeah, it seems he's a coward. Not like he's ever had the balls, to begin with. 

Squad Leader: You take a break. We'll mop up the rest of the small ones. Let's go!

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