Somewhere Else

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What is limestone?

"Hey, Dad! I think he's waking up!"

"Give him space, Troy."

I slowly opened my eyes to only shut them close again. 

"Take your time, boy. Troy! Grab him some water!"

I heard the pattering of steps lessen and lessen until I couldn't hear it anymore. I then felt an arm prop me up. 

"Try opening them now..."

I slowly opened my eyes and my eyes started to adjust to my surroundings. I looked up to see a man with golden-blonde hair and somewhat of a hazel hue in his eyes. 

Y/N: Where am I, sir?

"Well, boy. You are in the Middle Nations."

Y/N: Middle...Nations...?

"That's right. I apologize, I'm Jonn Avery. Glad to meet your acquaintance. And you are?"

Y/N: Erm...I'm Y/N L/N. 

Then a boy who looked like Jonn came in holding a glass of water. Instead of possessing golden hair, he has hair that could mimic a tree's bark. 

Y/N: And he is...?

Jonn: He's my son, Troy.

Troy: Here you go.

He handed me the glass and I took it from him. I drank out of the glass and immediately felt refreshed. Troy stood next to Jonn.

Jonn: So...what brings you here? You're a young boy, Y/N. How come you're all alone?

Do not tell him anything...

Y/N: I don't really remember anything, sir. All I can remember is staring at a city before passing out. 

We must leave as soon as it's dark outside. If we stay for too long, they'll start to pester and badger you with more questions.

I paid no attention to the voice in my head. I continued to talk with both Jonn and Troy. They were the first people that I had a good chat with forever. It's sad that I have to leave...the voice in my head won't stop until I actually go. But like the voice said...I must head east.


I woke up from my nap and took a look at my surroundings. 

Y/N: Coast clear...

I snuck out of the shelter I was in and carefully walked in the night light. 

Y/N: How do I head east? If I get in my Titan form, I won't go that there any other mode of transportation?

I continued to walk around until I saw a horse stable. 

Y/N: Horses! Why didn't I think of that before!

I grabbed one of the horses and started to ride away from the city. 

Y/N: Phase 1 done. Now I'll continue to head east until it is daylight. Then I can turn into my Titan form. 

You're doing a splendid job, young rogue.

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