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'Why am I doing this?'

Because you chose to do this.

'Why did I choose to do this?'

Your choices won't go against you, young rogue. It will help you in the end. You'll see.

As I continue to run, I looked behind me and saw Erwin and several soldiers. 

Y/N: Reiner! It's not only the Scouts! It's all three of the branches!

Reiner: Tch! Keep running. As soon as we lose them then we can rest.

I listened to Reiner and kept running. I then heard coughing. 

Historia: Ymir...

I felt steam coming into contact with my skin.

'Ymir's out...'

Historia: Ymir!

Ymir: (coughs)Christ-No...Historia. Sorry...for eating that. I're mad at me. 

Historia: Ymir...What is this? What are you doing? We came here to rescue you, Eren, and Y/-

Ymir: I don't need rescuing! Just stay right there! I'm following Reiner and Bertholdt now. You too. Come with me. There's no future within the walls! Listen to me, Historia...outside the walls isn't as bad as you think. Especially..because there won't be anyone saying that you're better off not being born. 

Historia: I'm pretty sure Titans won't be saying that to me...because they'll be busy trying to eat me!

Ymir: Everyone has at least one or two faults! If you can just overlook that, they're not so bad after all!

Historia: Ymir! Everything you're saying and doing isn't making any sense! Could it be...that Reiner and Bertholdt threatened you?

Y/N: It's...the...reverse...

Historia: Huh?!

Y/N: Can't...explain here...I need to...keep running...

Historia: What?! Did Ymir threatened you guys?! And why are you listening to Reiner and Bertholdt, Y/N?! You're better than this! This isn't who you are!

Y/N: What if I am!

Historia became quiet and gave up. 

Y/N: Ymir...remember...we stole get Historia...and now the Scouts are on us...if you let her go...then we did all of this...for nothing...

Historia: Ymir! Hurry up and let me go!

Y/N: It's your decision...Ymir...

Ymir: I can't! be honest...the reason I snatched you away...was save myself.

Historia: Huh?

Ymir: A long time ago, I stole the Power of the Titans from one of their comrades. There's nothing I can do against them. Sooner or later, they'll kill me. But...if I hand you over and cooperate with them...they said they would see what they could do...and try to make it so my crime goes away. Because you know the secrets of the wall, you're someone important to the Church.

Historia: And...what about, Y/N?

I almost tripped. I didn't want to say it, but she needs to know too.

Y/N: I' Reiner and Bertholdt. I don't belong here. I belong...somewhere else...but I ran away...

All was quiet until Ymir returned to her Titan form. 

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