My Titan

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I slowly opened my eyes to be met with a dark abyss.

Y/N: Hello! Anyone there?!

I was met with no responses and only the echoes of my voice. I stood up and started walking. 

'My headache is gone...'


'Okay...what was that...?'

I took a step back and I felt my ODM gear. 

'My gear...why would I need...?'

I then heard heavy thuds coming my way. Out of habit, I got ready to bite down on my hand. My eyes widened when I saw the incoming threat. 

Y/N: No

I looked up as my Titan was standing right in front of me. As I looked up at it, it looked down at me. I stayed frozen as I watched me raise its foot and started to bring it down. I engaged my gear and hooked it on to my shoulders. 

It brought its foot down as I detached my cable. 

'If it's me...then it should be able to talk.'

Y/N: Hey! We should talk before we start fighting!

It showed no reaction as it brought its hand up in an attempt to slap me. I jumped and hooked the cables to the shoulders as I dragged my blades all over its arm. I detached once again and reattached to attack the shoulder. 

Its arm went limp as the other arm came towards me. I sliced its fingers and gave it the same treatment.

'I guess he doesn't want to it just a regular, dumb Titan?'

I then went down as I slashed its ankles and it fell onto its legs and eventually falling on its face.

'This might've been easier than I thought...'

I flew into the air as I was directly above its nape and came down as fast as I can. 



I tumbled down onto the ground and got up. I stared at my Titan as it got up easily and stared at me.

That was just a warmup, Y/N...


How good are you when you go against the actual you?

It let out a roar as it swiped its tail under me. I jumped and went for the counterattack. I sliced its tail as I brought my swords down at its base, cutting the whole tail off. I wasted no time going for the nape again, but I backed up as soon as I saw it crystallize.


I looked down as I was now wielding the thunder spears.

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