I Hear His Heartbeat - Attack on Trost, Part 4

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Mikasa's POV
Location: Trost District

Armin: B-But, with so many Titans around, you can't possibly carry me long...

Connie: Let's get going!

Connie grabbed onto Armin's wrist and we started to make our way to the HQ.

Armin: Wait! Listen to me! I've got a suggestion.

Connie and I stopped and stared at him.

Connie: A suggestion?

Armin: It's a two-person operation, so you two should decide whether to carry it out. I know it's crazy, but...couldn't we use that Titan?

Connie: That Titan?

Armin: It's only attacking other Titans. It seems uninterested in humans. I was thinking of luring it to the supply tower somehow. If it handles the other Titans for us, we could get everyone out of this alive!

Connie: Lure it? How would we even pull that off?

Armin: I think it acts on instinct. If you two defeat the Titans in its vicinity, then it'll start looking for other Titans. Most likely, it'll move towards the Titans swarming around HQ.

Connie: How could we do something so risky based on a mere guess!?!

Armin: But if it does work, we could eliminate every Titan at HQ in one fell swoop!

Mikasa: It's at least worth a shot.

Connie: Are you serious!?!

Mikasa: If we're facing certain death, either way, the path to take is the path with a chance of victory. Let's go with Armin's plan.

Connie: You want to side with a Titan to fight against Titans?

Mikasa: Yes. Precisely.

Connie: It won't even be funny if we fail.

Armin: But if we succeeded, everyone will be saved.

Mikasa: Make up your mind.

Armin and I started to run towards the Titan.

Connie: I get it! Dammit, I get it!

Then the three of us carried out the plan. As soon as we took care of the Titans in the area, the mysterious Titan forwarded its attention to the remaining Titans that was crowding the HQ. After letting out a shout of fury, it made its way to the HQ. We followed after it and made it inside to HQ as well. We were met with stares.

Jean: Mikasa!?!

Connie: It's empty...we did it! We just barely made it!

Jean: (walks up to them)You're all...alive?

Connie: (pats Armin's back)We did it, Armin!

Armin: Ouch!

Connie: Your plan was a success! Everyone! That Titan's an abnormality that slaughters other Titans! (points towards the Titan)It's not even interested in attacking humans! If we play our cards right, we can all get outta here alive!

"We'd...use the Titan?"

Jean: You'd rely on a Titan's help? That's more delusional than any dream!

Mikasa: It's not a dream. I don't care if it's an Abnormal or whatever. Just let it rampage here for as long as possible. Realistically, that's our best option for survival.

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