The Struggle for Trost, Part 9 & Eve of the Counterattack, Part 1

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Several minutes have passed, and Eren hasn't come back to his senses. I was getting exhausted, but I didn't let that get me down. I harshly pulled out a Titan's nape and let out a deathly scream. I slanted myself forward and tried catching my breath.


I instantly searched for the source and found it to be around the boulder's location.

'Eren's finally back...'

I fell onto the ground and forced myself out of my Titan.

Armin's POV

Armin: Mikasa!

I finally found Mikasa with Leader Ian and landed on the roof.

Mikasa: Armin!

Armin: Eren won! Now he's trying to get the job done!

I managed to bring back Eren to his senses and now he is carrying on the mission. Hopefully, Y/N took it as a signal to come back.

Armin: If we can cover him till he gets to the gate, we win!

Ian: Defend him at all costs! Protect Eren until he reaches the gate, even if it costs you your life! Don't let any of the Titans near him!

"Roger that, Leader Ian!"

Then out of nowhere, a figure zips past us and goes after the Titans. It could only be one possible person...

Mikasa: Y/N!

We watched as Y/N slashes at a Titan's nape and the body falls limply to the ground.

Y/N: Leader Ian! You guys can lure the Titans away from Eren and I'll do my best to permanently erase them!

Ian: Cadet L/N! That's not the plan!

Y/N: I know! I wasn't assigned to be a part of your Elite Squad earlier so technically I can do whatever I want. I'm probably under Armin's command!

Armin: Mine?!

Y/n slashes at another Titan and lands in front of us.

Y/N: I'll take care of getting rid of the Titans while you guys lure them away.

Ian: We don't have time to dispute. Do whatever you see fit, L/N. But do not die on us. You are one of the strongest soldiers we have and humanity can't lose you.

Y/N: Yes, sir!

Y/N jumps off the roof and continues to slash at other Titans.

Ian: Everyone! Cadet L/N will be eradicating the Titans as we lure them away from Eren.

Ian jumps off the roof and starts to lure the Titans away.

Mikasa: I'm going after Y/N. And you're not stopping me.

Armin: Mikasa! Wait-!

Mikasa jumps off the roof and follows after Y/N. I sighed and went after the rest of the soldiers.


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