The Struggle for Trost, Part 2 - 3

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I decided to merge part 2 and 3 because both of them were pretty short you go!
Location: Trost District


I let out a mighty roar. I already swept the area I was assigned to. It's probably wise to check out the second line of defense. I could probably check on the rest of my cadets. I walked over to a nearby building and kneeled. I then got out of my titan form. I got out of my nape and stared at the sky.

Y/N: It feels good to be back.

I scanned my whole surroundings to make sure no one was around.

'Coast is clear.'

I jumped out of my nape and landed on the roof. I stretched a little before taking my blades out. I jumped off the roof and made my way to the second line of defenses.

Mikasa's POV

The rearguard and I were in charge of taking out any titans that had gone through the second line of defense and also to defend the citizens while they evacuate. 

Garrison Soldier 1: Damn, why is it ignoring us!?!

Garrison Soldier 2: It's an Abnormal! Don't think too much about it!

Garrison Soldier 3: It's fast! Even we elites can't catch up to it!

Garrison Soldier 1: At this rate...

'It's not that hard to catch up to it...'

I zipped through the soldiers and decided to take care of it myself. I attached the cable to its nape and slashed it. The Abnormal fell and I landed in front of a crowd of evacuating citizens, still on the Titan's head. I stared at them in confusion.

Mikasa: What...are you doing?

Merchant Boss: Oh, perfect timing. Hey you, make these people help me out! I'll reward you handsomely!

Mikasa: (points behind her)My comrades are dying right now. Because the evacuation is lagging, they're fighting the Titans and dying.

Merchant Boss: Course they are! It's your duty to offer your lives to protect citizens and their property, is it not!?! Don't get full of yourselves just because you freeloaders are finally doing your job after a hundred years!

'This old man...'

I jumped off of the Titan and walked towards the Merchant Boss.

Mikasa: If you think it's natural for people to die for others, I'm sure you'll understand that at times, the sacrifice of a single precious life can save many others.

Two of his guards stood in front of him.

Merchant Boss: Just try me! I've known your employer for many years. You don't know how easy it'd be for me to order you, underlings, around!

Two of his guards came running towards me. I didn't flinch and just simply necked the guards. I was now looking down on him.

Mikasa: How can a corpse be speaking?

I lifted my blade above my head.

Merchant Boss: Wait!

I swiftly pointed my blade at his neck.

Merchant's Guard: B-Boss...

Merchant Boss: Move the wagon.

His men moved the wagon from the gate and the people started to evacuate. I watched as the people continue to evacuate.

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