57th Expedition Beyond the Walls

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As we exited the city limits, I watched as torn down buildings and houses pass by as I rode farther and farther away from the wall.

Hange: Ahead, to the left, a 10-meter class! I am very interested in seeing what's inside its stomach...but I'll leave it to the support team!

I looked to the left and spotted the Titan.

Mike: You won't be killing Titans unless you absolutely have to. The support team will take care of the Titans in this area. After we pass the old city, it's Titan territory.

Y/N: Right...

I kept my hands on Pegasus's reigns.
(A/N: Pegasus is the name of your horse)

Erwin: Onward! Onward!

As soon as we passed the old city, Commander Erwin lifts his left arm.

Erwin: Go into long-range scouting formation!

I watched as Captain Hange and Mike move to their respective places in the formation. I stuck close to Commander Erwin.

'Don't worry, Y/N. Everyone will be fine. They're smart. They can't die that easily.'

Erwin: Your friends will be alright, Y/N. Remember what I said about the formation.

Y/N: Right. I'll stick close to you.

Erwin: Don't lose your head.

And we continued to advance.

Armin's POV

Every little noise I hear, I come even more aware of my surroundings.

'We'll be fine...calm down!'


I turned to the right and saw a red smoke signal. I then saw more red signals. I then saw a green signal being fired to the left. I forwarded me and my horse to the left.

'!!! A black smoke round? Is a Titan ignoring the nearby humans and heading for the formation's center? It has to be..an Abnormal!'

I then saw Squad Leader Ness and Sys-san take down the Abnormal.

Armin: You did it, Squad Leader Ness!

I then noticed something in the distance. As I saw the Titan, I immediately fired a black signal. My arm fell limply to my side.

Armin: What's that? It's too fast!

The Titan had female attributes, accommodated with short, blonde hair. I watched as Squad Leader Ness and Sys-san get killed by the Titan. It stopped and just stood there. I couldn't do anything but continue to ride on my horse. The Titan then started to follow me. I picked up the pace as my horse gained speed.

'No...no. That's no Abnormal. It's intelligent! Like the Armored or Colossal Titans, or Eren and Y/N...a human in the body of a Titan! B-but who? Why? This is bad! What should I do? I'm going to die, too...I'll be killed!'

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