First Battle - The Struggle for Trost, Part 1

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Location: Trost District

Y/N: Eren!

Eren started to run the walls until the Colossal Titan brought it's arm up and brought it down to sweep the premises.

'Crap! It aimed for the batteries.'

I jumped it and Eren did as well, but he headed straight for the Titan.

Y/N: Eren! You gotta stop! It won't work!

Eren ignored me again and headed straight for the Titan. I decided to retreat back to the group since simple logic doesn't work on Eren.

Connie: Did Eren get the Titan yet?

Y/N: Just watch. He won't be able to get to it because of the steam.

We all watched Eren's tiny figure go for the Titan's nape. Immediately, the Titan let out a blast of steam behind it. The steam clouded our field of vision of the Titan and Eren. Eren came to, noticing that he sliced nothing. Thomas, Connie and I headed for the wall once again. We spotted Eren cling onto the wall.

Thomas: Eren! Did you get it?

Eren: No! It's the same as five years ago! He disappeared, just as suddenly as he appeared.

He climbed back onto the wall.

Eren: I'm sorry. I let him get away. And I'm sorry to you Y/N, I was so focused on getting him, that I didn't actually think it through.

Y/N: Don't worry. At least you didn't get scratched or burned into a barbeque.

Eren: But still the-

Connie: There's no time for chatting! The wall's been breached! If we don't fix it quickly, the Titans will get in again!

Garrison Soldier: What are you waiting for?

A garrison soldier appeared before us. We saluted in his arrival.

Garrison Soldier: The strategy for handling a Colossal Titan's appearance is already in motion! Return to HQ immediately! Anyone who had contact with it, report every detail!

Eren: Yessir!

Connie: I pray for your success!

The garrison soldier ran past us and began to investigate the scene. In the meantime, we returned back to HQ.

Location: HQ

Garrison Soldier: You recruits have completed training and graduated into proper soldiers! I expect you to actively participate in this operation too!

Everyone was scrambling all over the place. Refueling gas and restocking on blades. I had already gotten my crap together so now I'm ready for the worst.

Eren: Are you okay, Armin?

Y/N:'re shaking...

Armin: I'm fine! I'll put it together. But we're still in trouble! We've got an eight-meter hole in the wall and no way to fix it quickly! We couldn't even dig out that giant rock near Zemo!

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