One of the Virtues

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Azumabito Residence; Patio

Mrs. Naoko: What do you think honor is? What does it mean to you?

Y/N: Honor is when you live your life but at a higher standard or a code of conduct.

Mrs. Naoko: Do you think there's more to the definition of honor?

Y/N: I have a feeling there is...but I can't form the words...

Mrs. Naoko: Honor has many definitions. Justice, courage, compassion, respect, integrity, loyalty, and self-control, also, have many definitions. And it is up to you, Y/N, to form one definition, for all of the words that we talked about.

Y/N: What?!

Mrs. Naoko then slaps my hand. I retrieved my hand and I rubbed them to soothe the pain.

Mrs. Naoko: There's no need to be surprised, Y/N. You must expect anything that will come your way.

Y/N: But how? How do I do it?

Mrs. Naoko: Become observant of your surroundings. Do that, and you won't be caught off-balance or off guard. Now, let's carry on with the lesson.

Y/N: Right.



My eyes flew open at the sudden pain my cheek felt.

''s just you...'

Kenny: Hey there, kid. I have a favor for ya before I leave them to it.

Y/N: Why would I-

Kenny: Take care of the kid behind me, huh? And Levi, watch after him, hm?

Y/N: What?

Kenny: You heard me. and I helped you out a bit. Anyway, see ya kid.

I watched as he walks down the steps. Historia was holding a syringe to her wrist.


Y/N: Historia! Don't! It's for the best! You don't want to do

Historia: Y/N? You can't say anything...

Y/N: What...?

I then saw Historia's Father walk over to her and give her a talk. I then felt my wrist was a bit looser than my ankle. I almost laughed out loud.

'How is he capable of weird stuff and the change of attitude...'


Y/N: No way...

Historia's Father: Historia!

I watched as Historia lower her body and shifted her father's weight over her and throw him down onto the ground.

Historia: God, my ass! You're just giving yourself an out and manipulating other people! I've had it! I won't let you kill me!

Historia then grabs a black bag and starts making her way to us.

Eren: What are you doing, Historia?!

Historia: We're leaving, that's what we're doing. Y/N, I'm hoping you have some energy in you.

Y/N: Of course-

Eren: Hey, stop it! If I go on living, everyone will keep suffering! Hurry up and eat me! I can't take living like this!

I relieved my wrists out of their restraints and I pulled myself up to my ankle and pulled on it as hard as I can. They miraculously break and I fall onto the ground.

Historia: (punches Eren on the head)Shut up, idiot! Just shut up, crybaby! Exterminate the Titans?! Who the hell wants to do that bullshit?! I'm starting to hate humanity! Let'em get wiped out by Titans! I'm humanity's biggest enemy! Got it?! I'm the worst girl who ever lived!

I looked down at Historia's Father.

Y/N: Historia. Babysit, Eren, while I-

Historia: What?!

Y/N: Let me finish before-

Then a big flash of yellow envelopes the room and I jumped off of the ledge and bit down as I transform. I looked up at the forming Titan.

'It's still forming, I can't take him on myself. It's possible that it's bigger and taller than Berthodlt. All I can do is protect Eren and Historia.'

Eren: Captain? You guys...

I looked back and saw the whole squad again. They started to take care of the rest of the locks.

Y/N: Rod is still growing. He's going to be bigger and taller than the Colossal in no time.

Eren was finally out of his restraints and I pushed them before they fell. I faced my back to them and starred at Historia's Father.

'This place is going to cave-in as soon as he's done growing. All I can do is use crystallization...but this is going to be something else. I have to be careful or I will crystallize myself too...just like Annie...'

Something shiny caught the corner of my eye, and I picked it up...

'It's a vial..."armor"...'

I slid it over to Eren behind me.

Eren: Wha-

Y/N: In case this goes south.

Mikasa: Y/N?!

I covered the squad with my whole body and I leaned my head onto the wall. I then started to crystallize my arms, legs, and tail. I made sure my tail laid flat in front of everyone.

'Just avoid the nape area, Y/N. And you'll be fine.'

I continued to crystallize. The crystallization didn't only spread across my created beams that connected to the ground and up.

'Time it right...'

I felt my legs harden and my arms harden. Beams were still being created.

'...relax...not yet...'

My abdomen was now crystallized and it was making its way to my head.

'Get out, Y/N. Get out!'

I willed my body to get out of the nape before I was encased in my own crystallization. I was exhausted. I couldn't properly function my body as I fell limply onto the ground. I heard countless screaming and shouting of my name.

'I should've used the technique...'

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