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Wall Rose; Disciplinary Chambers

Hange: What are you doing?

Hange asks as I came back with her and Levi. Eren was leaning on the wall as he held his hand in a thinking manner.

Hange: The Attack Titan. Didn't you just do that?

Eren: No.

We paid no mind to Hange as Levi unlocked Eren's cell. I went ahead and unlocked Mikasa's. She looked confused.

Mikasa: (to Y/N)What are you doing?

Y/N: (to Mikasa)Levi will explain later.

She nods as Hange continues. 

Hange: Huh?! He did that, right? Didn't you three see it just now?

Armin: Yeah, but that was...

Hange: See?! What was that all about, Eren?

Eren: No, it's nothing.

Hange: It's the name of your Titan, isn't it? What were you doing talking to yourself?

Levi: Enough, Hange. He's 15 years old. Everyone goes through a phase.

Hange: Huh? What kind of phase are we talking about?

Armin: Hange, I'll explain to you later. It's not right with him here.

Hange: Huh? What do you mean by that?

Eren: What the hell did you come for?!

Levi: Come out. 

Eren: I'm supposed to be disciplined for ten more days.

Levi: It's over. Hange just now was punishment enough.

Hange: We had a talk with Premier Zachary, so don't worry about it. If we jail the heroes who toppled the Armored and Colossal Titan, it kind sends a bad message, you know? Plus, you were defying us morons who let the Beast and Armored get away.

Eren: That's not...

I then noticed Mikasa's hair and look away walking. She seems to notice my actions.

Mikasa: Y/N?

Y/N: (holds in laughter)Let's go. Get dressed quickly.

Eren: Where are we going?

Levi: To an audience. Her majesty has come to Trost.


Levi knocks on the door as we made it.

Levi: We're here. 

"Come in."

The door opens as Levi, Armin, Eren, Mikasa and I walk in and see Historia, Jean, and Hange. 

Armin and Y/N: (bows)Your Majesty.

Eren and Mikasa follow unsynchronized.

Historia: S-Stop it. It's not an official position yet.

We four stand straight back up.

Historia: So much has happened, hasn't it? But all I did was stare at the south sky from within the walls. 

Y/N: It's important that you stay alive. Who knows what'll happen if you die and some random "king" shows up?

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