Shiganshina District

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Outside the Mess Hall

I let out a sigh as I looked up at the night sky. It was far way more beautiful than the Mess Hall's craziness. 

"Hey! Y/N!" 

I turned around to see the trio. 

Y/N: (smiles)Hey.

I watched as they came over to where I was and sat on the steps. I sat next to Mikasa and instantly felt the accompaniment of a warm hand intertwining with mine.

Armin: Have you guys noticed it?

We all looked at Armin in confusion.

Armin: Eren. He has his usual spunk back.

We all nodded.

Eren: I'm glad we met the commandant. I...It doesn't...whether I'm spunky or not, I'll do what I have to do. But,'s easier now. Kept thinking about stuff I can't change. And wondering why I can't be strong like Mikasa and Levi and Y/N...I was jealous. But even you two and the captain...(looks over at Mikasa and Y/N)alone, you can't do much. Which is why we've all gotta find the things we can do. And by joining together, that's what makes us powerful. (looks over at Armin)Every person is different. And it's all for times like this.

Armin looks away.

Armin: Yeah...I think you're right. 

Then I heard the soft pattering of feet in front of us. I looked up to see a middle-aged man talking to a younger girl. Possibly his daughter? 

Mikasa: Once we retake Wall Maria...and defeat all the enemies coming for us...will they come back? 

I then comfortably tightened my grip on her hand and loosened it.

Y/N: Those days...we'll bring it back...for sure. But some things are forever changed. We'll make them pay. I am no psychic, but I know we will find peace eventually. 

Mikasa: Yeah.

Armin: But there's more than that. The sea...a salt lake so big that merchants could spend their whole lives and still not get all the salt. There's more than just Titans outside the walls. Fiery water, lands of ice, sandy snowfields...I joined the Scouts so  I could see all that. 

Eren: Y-Yeah. You sure did.

There was a moment of silence until Armin sprang up and held his arms out as if he was praising a God.

Armin: Right?! Let's start by seeing the sea! You still doubt that it's real, Eren! You'll see! It does exist!

Eren: All right then. Guess we'll have to go see.

Armin: It's a promise then! You have to! We can explore the outside world! It's gotta be way bigger than inside the walls!

Eren: Okay, I get it. 

I chuckled a little grasping onto this moment. 

'It's going to happen soon. The operation to retake Wall Maria...'

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