Night Before the Counteroffensive, Part 3

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Few minutes passed and everyone was here. Captain Hange grieved for Sawney and Bean. I stood next to Eren.

Eren: Who do you think did this? It wasn't you was it?

Y/N: I didn't equip my blades last night. I only had my gas tanks. But whoever it is. It has to be a girl.

Eren: And how are so sure?

Y/N: When I tackled over the person, I unintentionally felt bumps on their chests.

Eren: You mean, bo-

Y/N: You know what I'm talking about. I'm just so stumped. I almost had her. But then I lost my grip and she flew away.

Eren: I have a feeling this isn't going to be the first time we'll be seeing this.

Y/N: Yeah...

"What do you see?"

Both Eren and I turned around to see Commander Erwin.

Erwin: What do you think the enemy is?

Eren: Huh?

Erwin: I'm sorry to ask something so odd.

We watched as Commander Erwin walks away.

Military Police Officer: Is Cadet Y/N L/N present?

Y/N: Yes! (to Eren)I'll see you later.

Eren: Bye.

I turned around and walked towards the Military Police Officer.

Y/N: Yes, sir?

Military Police Officer: You will be with us for the time being.

He started walking and I followed him.

Y/N: I'm not going behind bars am I?

Military Police Officer: You are not. We asked Moblit Berner if you were potentially the one who killed the subjects. He gave us a hard no as his answer and followed it by telling us that you had no blades on you.

Y/N: And I still don't.

Military Police Officer: You will be helping us inspect all of your trainees' gear. Specifically, their steel wire.

The Officer opened a door and led me inside. As soon as I stepped inside, I saw familiar and unfamiliar faces.

Military Police Officer: You'll be needing these.

The Officer lend me a glove, a notebook, and a pen.

Military Police Officer: You'll be writing your results on the notebook and you will report after. The glove is to be used by you so you can pick up their gear without leaving your fingerprints on it.

Y/N: Is that all?

Military Police Officer: That is all. And you won't be alone. There will be other Officers like me also inspecting the gear.

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