Idol and Flaw, Part 7-8

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Wall Rose

Eren: I'll do it! I'm not sure whether I can or not, I'll do it!

Commander Pyxis then smiled and patted Eren's shoulder.

Pyxis: Well said. You're quite the man. 

Commander Pyxis stood up and walked to the edge of the wall.

Pyxis: Staff officers, assemble! Prepare to strategize!

Armin: What? Seriously? Calling this plan "optimistic" would be an understatement. How can we just go ahead with it?

Eren: I agree with you, but it's pointless to question his decision. I'm sure Commander Pyxis can see something we can't. 

Armin: Something we can't see?

Eren: Besides, there's probably a fundamental issue to deal with before executing the plan. I'm sure the Commander is fully cognizant of that. 

Armin: Which means...the Titans aren't our only enemies. 

Pyxis: Time is of the essence. 

I turned around to see Commander Pyxis walking back with his staff officers. We got out of our spots and walked towards Commander Pyxis. 

Pyxis: We have a role for you to fulfill, young soldiers. 

I decided to join the strategy meeting on retaking Trost, but I felt a hand stop me from going. I turned around and saw it was Commander Pyxis.

Y/N: Do you need something, sir.

Pyxis: Can you make sure the trainees and soldiers aren't fussing around. I know that their morales are all low. So when I state our mission and something goes out of hand, redirect them. Can you do that for me?

Y/N: I can do that, Commander. 

Pyxis: I'll see you in a few moments, then. 

Commander Pyxis walks away and I jump off of the wall and make my way to the sea of trainees and garrison soldiers. I could already hear the mass complaining and in disbelief in our new mission ahead of us. I already spotted a disturbance in the crowd. I made my way down and was met with Marco and Daz.

Daz: There's nothing to be gained from this mass suicide mission!

Garrison Soldier: How dare you make a mockery of mankind and order?! (gets ready to unsheathe blade)I'll have you know I have the authority to execute you on the spot!

Daz: (unsheathes blade a little bit)Fine by me. 

I stopped both men from unsheathing their blades fully. I glared at both of them.

Y/N: Daz. How do you know this is suicide if you didn't even experience it. Think about the Recon Corps. They are always knocking and death's door. And for you, sir. Please do not abuse your ranking on us trainees. That is just cruel. I know that fear is running through your bodies right now.

Daz: How are you so sure of that?!

Y/N: Look at your damn faces. You're scared. Everyone's scared! Heck, even the least suspected ones. 

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