The Night of the Closing Ceremony - Humanity's Comeback, Part 2

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Keith Sadies
Year: 850

It's been raining ever since the cadets have woken up. Now they're busting their asses through the training. Then I noticed a cadet slowing down and eventually ending up at the end of the group.

Keith: You're slow! Run, you shitheads! What's wrong, Arlet?

I slowed the horse's pace to match Arlert's.

Keith: You're falling behind! Is it too hard for you? Do you want to be the only one who puts down his equipment?

I looked down at him. I noticed that his breathing was unsteady and his eyes are going dull... exhaustion...

Keith: If this was a real mission, you'd be Titan food already!

I rode my horse to the beginning of the group.

Reiner: Dammit! Give that to me!

Cadet Braun slowed down to meet Cadet Arlert's pace and took his pack.

'Doesn't he know that his actions will reflect his grade?'

Reiner: You'll be ending up dropping out this way. We're being graded on today's training!

Armin: But now they're going to punish you too!

Reiner: Then do your best so they won't find out! Don't make me change my mind!

'Reiner Braun. He possesses great mental and physical fortitude. His comrade trusts him deeply.'

Whatever happened to Cadet Arlert, he finally found the energy he needed and grabbed his pack from Cadet Braun and ran up to the head of the group.

'Armin Arlert. What he lacks in physical strength, he makes up for with extraordinary academic aptitude.'

Switching over to the forest, the cadets will be learning how to skillfully take down Titans. The sun has decided to show itself once again. Cadets Kirstein, Hoover and Leonhart close into the Titan. Each of them cut through the dummy nape. Hoover and Leonhart had skillfully sliced through the nape. Kirstein had a more shallowed slice.

'Annie Leonhart. While her fighting skills are outstanding, she doesn't work well as a team. A lone wolf. Bertolt Hoover. He is highly talented, but he lacks initiative. Jean Kirstein. His 3D control skills are top class, but his overtly blunt personality causes friction.'

Cadet Jean went off to find another Titan. Little did he know, he was being followed by Cadets Springer and Blouse.

Connie: Thanks, Jean! I knew following you would work!

Cadet Blouse swiftly dragged her blade across the nape.

Sasha: I did it!

'Sasha Blouse. She's talented at operating unconventionally, but that mentality makes her unfit for organized activity. Connie Springer. He's skilled at making sharp turns, but his mind is nowhere sharp enough.'

On the other side, Cadets Ackerman and Jaeger were to face two Titans. Cadet Ackerman skillfully sliced through the nape and Cadet Jaeger continues to slice shallowly.

'Mikasa Ackerman. Her performance is exemplary in every subject. She is truly a genius of historically-unprecedented significance. Eren Jaeger. While he lacks outstanding talents, he improved his grades through outstanding diligence. In addition, he possesses an exceptional sense of purpose.'


I forwarded my attention to the last cadet yet to be graded. Cadet L/N was soaring through the skies. The way he held his swords, say...unique, yet bizarre. Instead of holding it like a regular sword, he had his blades behind his hands instead of in front of him. He had spotted a titan and got ready to strike. Instead of going for the nape, he successfully disabled the Titan's ankles and increased speed to the nape and finally killed the titan. It looked as if he was spinning.

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