Night Before the Counteroffensive, Part 2

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Former Survey Corps Headquarters

To be honest, the former headquarters didn't look like an HQ at all. It looked like a freakin' castle. All of us were assigned a chore to do by Captain Levi and I was in charge of making sure there is no dust in any of the rooms. But...

Y/N: There's dust everywhere!

I continued to sweep and dust off the unwanted dust off of the furniture and anything that stood. I looked outside the window and suddenly remembered something. I dropped my duster and pulled out the letter Instructor Shadis gave to me on the night of our graduation. I unfurled the letter and read it.

Dear Y/N,
     Hey, Y/N. If you got this letter, then it probably means that I'm not standing anymore. I was really hoping that I could tell you in person, but there were obstacles. I wanted to tell you who you really are. Where you actually came from. You weren't a baby when I saw you. You were a child of around 9 or 10 years of age. And I didn't stumble upon you on the streets of Shinganshina. I saw you wandering the streets of the Underground. I pitied you. So I decided to bring you into my household. But it wasn't easy. I remember seeing a party of three people immediately pop out of nowhere when I tried to hold your hand. They were pretty overprotective of you. But it all ended with you ending up with me. and you know the story from there. I trained you to be a soldier like me. But you knew some basic maneuvers and I was surprised. By the end of this letter, hopefully, you know a little bit more of yourself. Build friendships. Start a new family and make me proud.

I read it over and over again and I noticed something was off.

'He didn't say any farewells or sincerely...'

I also noticed that the right lower hand corner felt thinner than the paper. I became confused and just shined it at the sunlight.

'!!! this?'

It was a symbol of some sort.

'Whatever this is

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'Whatever this's probably my next clue...'

Levi: Y/N. Are you done here?

I turned around as I stuffed the letter into my back pocket.

Y/N: I'm almost done, Captain. I just need to make sure there aren't any stray lint or dust.

I watched as Captain Levi walks around the room and end up sitting on a nearby chair.

Levi: Let's talk for a moment.

Y/N: Um...sure...

I grabbed a chair and sat across from him.

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