Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

I stayed to talk with Christina for two hours. She couldn't really revile anything spectacular about my past and what was going to happen. She could however tell me a lot bout my mom, dad and my old pack. She could a lot of small stories about them. How my mom never could get enough ice-cream, or how my dad got an earful from my great grand mother for kissing my mom in public, that you shouldn’t do stuff like that unless you’re married. Or how my dad had stolen my mom with him, droven for three hours, just to get to a special place to them, a water fall, have packed a picnic and just had a normal date. Or how my dad had avoided her for a week while he planned how he would propose to her, and didn’t want to let anything out so he stayed away. The part that touched me the most was that my mom also had a soft spot for that lake. It was the place my dad proposed to her, and it was the place she always went when she needed to think or be alone.

When Christina seemed tired I called for Jake to pick me up. It was still only lunch, but she had travelled the whole night, so it was understandable that she was tired.

After I had called Jake there didn't go long time before he was at the door. When we got into the car Jake just sat there staring out on the road and I was just sitting there waiting for him to do something. After a little while he turned around to look at me. "Sorry. So what did she say?" Jake asked me having his eyes on me now.

"Well what Robert told me is the truth. Charles actually helped Robert with escaping." I told him and he gave me a short nod for me to continue. "It's crazy, but I actually feel like I had a mom now. And dad. She told me so many things. Mostly about my mother because she was the one she knew the longest." I said smiling with the thought about her as I looked out of the window. I now had a face and personality on the woman who gave her life for me, my mom. But I also felt more sad. All these years I had thought that my mum had abondend me because she didn't want me or didn't have any money or something like that. Now I knew I had a mother who loved me and a dad who knew about me and loved me as well. So now it hurt so much more that I didn't have them, that I never got to know them.

"Did you know she never killed a rouge unless it was necessary?" I asked Jake looking at him again. "Most alphas kill as soon as they set their feet or paw on the ground without permission. She didn't. She let lonely wolves walk through without question them, and if they where more than one she would talk with them before attacking. She was one of the most feared alphas in our world, and still she rarely had to kill anyone." I continued. Jake looked a little surprised but then gave me a small smile.

"She does sound like an amazing woman, just like her daughter. I'm sure you'll be just as great a leader as she was. But no I didn't. Not many know anything about her pack. Robert and who ever was left covered and made people forget as good as they could. People know there used to be packs run by white wolves, but no one really knew where." Jake answered as he started the car.

"So Lea, I was thinking, now that we've mated and I well, I'll soon take over the pack I need to tell them I have a mate. So as you know, tonight there's a pack meeting we're going to, and I was wondering if, I mean if it was okay with you. Then if it's okay to tell people that you're my mate?" He asked me with some kind of urge in his eyes. "That your mine." He added his eyes turning slightly darker.

"Yeah we can do that." I said grinning a little. We had to do it at one point. Why not now?

"Really? Great. My mom will be so happy. So have you eaten yet?" He asked me turning down a small road I didn't know.

"No. Why?" What was he up to know? "Good. Because I'm taking you on a date." He said smiling like crazy.

We got to the place he had in mind a few minutes later. It was a small cute restaurant not many people knew about. We found a table, ordered and for the first time since I met Robert I felt myself relax and just be in the moment.

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