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Chapter 11

The scariest thing about distance is that you don't know whether they'll miss you or forget you. – Nicholas Sparks.

"So what did the headmaster want from you? We're not starting in school for another two weeks." Lizzie asked as Leo and I walked trough the door to my and Lizzie's place where her and Derek were waiting for us.

"Well why don't we all sit down?" I suggested looking over at Leo and he nodded. Lizzie and Derek send each other a look before we all sat down. Lizzie sat down on the armrest of the chair. Derek sat down on the sofa beside Leo and I sat down in the chair beside Lizzie with my legs crossed.

"Guys what's going on?" Derek asked looking first at Leo before holding his gaze on me.

"Well you see the headmaster wanted to talk to us about our studies." I said thinking about how to say this to them and trying to figure out what I wanted. "As you may have heard they have been talking about sending the three best students from the medical school to one of the best schools in USA and well we are in the top three." I told them not really knowing what to say.

"Oh my god that's great! When are you transferring?" Lizzie yelled out excited jumping up hugging us, first me then Leo. Leo looked over at me before he spoke.

"We don't know if we're going." He said looking down. I knew he had a harder time taking this decision than me, he had a whole family he would leave behind, of course I had grown close with his family as well but it was not the same.

"What why wouldn't you go?" Lizzie asked looking confused tilting her head to the side frowning. Knowing her, she would never let Leo or me for that matter, let an opportunity like this go.

"Well it's not just around the corner it's on the other side of the country." I said looking down at the table, I didn't really want to move there, but we knew it would be really good for our carrier.

"Oh." Lizzie said just as quietly. "It's really far away." She said like she finally got it. She looked down on her hands, suddenly not as happy as she realized she would lose her brother.

Derek hadn't said anything yet just sat there looking at me. "How do you feel about this Lea?" Derek asked me, it was weird for him to call me Lea, he had called me J.B. for the last year just like Leo, ever since I told them my real last name Leo had started calling me J.B, they only used my name when they where serious. Derek was the only one I had told where I lived before, so he was the only one who had an idea of why I maybe didn't want to go, to the school they were talking about.

"What do you mean Derek?" Lizzie asked getting he was serious. She looked between me and Derek knowing there was more to it than what we let on.

Derek looked at me as asking for what to say so I decided it was time to tell them. "Well guys I have never told you where I come from, apart from Derek, and the thing is, this school is pretty damn close to where Maggie, Nate and I have our apartment." I said scratching my neck.

"Wait so you lived in Boston? That is a pretty big pack with a lot of land, there is also a lot of no man's land around that land isn't there? What are you guys going to do?" Lizzie asked looking from Leo to me and back again. I knew it would be hard for her to move so far away from her twin, but she would never tell him or me for that matter.

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