Chapter 24

  It was funny that you could know someone for years but still discover something you never noticed before. – Nicholas Sparks

"We're heading home now? See you at home in a bit?" Maggie asked me, her and Nate made our way out of the garden and into the pack house.

"Nah I think I'll go for a run. See you at home tonight or tomorrow morning if it gets late." I said waving goodbye to her. I wanted to run out to the lake for a swim. We had stayed as the last people and helped clean up after everyone and were now the last one to leave.

I walked out to the forest and took off my clothes and changed into the brown wolf. It felt great to be in wolf form again. When I was near the lake I could suddenly hear someone so I slowed down and quietly walked over to the lake. There were sitting a really big black wolf by the lake. I hadn't seen a black wolf in years. I had no idea there were one in the pack. I smelled the air and froze. It was Jake. What was he doing here? I decided to find out how good or bad his senses were. So I sneaked up to a bush and jumped out ready to attack him. Normally wolves would never or should never do this, but I was his mate, plus in the IW, plus a white wolf. So it couldn't really go that bad. I started running over to him jumping over the bush ready to attack him. As soon as I jumped over the bush Jake noticed me, turned around and was about to attack me but I jumped out of the way.

"Jake it's me" I laughed in his head. I have to admit he had really good senses and seemed like a good fighter. And damn he was big in wolf form.

"Fuck Lea. What were you thinking? I could have hurt you. What are you doing attacking me? Attacking an Alpha" Jake almost shouted back at me.

"Relax Jake. I'm in the IW, remember? I know how to avoid an attack. Plus I'm your mate, as soon as you had touched me, your wolf would recognize me and stop."  I said staring to run around the lake.

"Stop being so irresponsible. I'm a black wolf, and yeah I would have stopped as soon as I sensed it's you, but what if the first contact with you were with my teeth?" Jake asked sounding really pissed.

"Okay I promise I wont do it again. Happy?" I asked him not wanting to start fighting right now. Wait he's a black wolf. He is really strong when he's an Alpha as well. Even if I'm a white wolf I shouldn't be able to ignore his orders as an Alpha, because he's a black wolf. So how come I don't feel his orders at all? Even though I'm his mate I should be able to feel them, and make my mind up about defying his orders. I shouldn't not feel his orders, this doesn't make sense at all. Maybe it's because he hasn't officially taken over his for his dad?

"Very. So what are you doing here? Jake asked me in my head walking over to where I was standing. He just stood there, really looking at me, studying my wolf. I knew his wolf was close, because he was in wolf form, but also it was the first time our wolves met and his would want to make me his.

"Well I wanted to swim, there normally isn't anyone out here. But I'll just go, see you around." I said and was about to run out of here when I suddenly heard him run after me an nap me in the tail.

"No wait, we have some clothes not far from here, or I'll leave if you don't want my company." He told me, I could hear the plea in his voice, his wolf wanted to give me what I wanted, the question is if the man wanted the same.

"Uhm sure you get the clothes, and you can join." I told him stepping a little away from him. He nodded, his eyes smiling and then he ran off.

Not many minutes later was he back with clothes in his mouth. He dropped it in front of me, took some shorts in his mouth and then he disappeared behind a tree. I picked the rest up off the ground and walked behind a tree as well to shift.

He had giving me some shorts there were a little to big but they were fine, and I big blue t-shirt. As soon as I had put it on I got out from behind the trees and jumped in the water diving under with my head first.

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