Chapter 37

"Remember, be nice." I told Jake as I cut the engine.

"I know okay. Have a little faith in me." Jake said and I let out a sight jumping out of the car. I had brought Jake along with me to meet Robert today. I had talked with Leo and Derek about it yesterday while we were studying for an exam we had in a few weeks. And they understood why I thought Jake needed to meet Robert first and alone. So I would bring them along next weekend or something.

I got out of the car I had parked in front of where Robert lived. Robert walked out of the house as soon he heard I had cut the engine "Hi I'm Robert." He greeted Jake shaking his hand.

"Jake" he nodded shaking his hand in acknowledgement.

"I know I haven't really been there for Lea, but I'm saying this for her parents. You better treat her like she was your life, the only way possible to live was if she's happy. Otherwise I promise I'll make you regret you ever lived." He sid in a deadly low voice actually looking really scary.

"I don't plan of doing anything else, and I would want you to make my life a living hell if anything should ever go the way your talking about sir." Jake said looking really serious.

"So what's the plan for today?" I asked trying to change the subject feeling uncomfortable.

"Well I though we would go to the lake today, so you had some more water to work with today." Robert said starting to walk over towards the lake and Jake and I followed along.

When we got to the lake Jake sat down as Robert and I walked over to the lake. “Okay, close your eyes and imagine the water, try to feel it.” He told me standing behind me. I did as I was told, but it was hard. I opened my eyes but nothing had happened.

“It’s okay, it’s hard, try again.” Robert said and I closed my eyes once more I tried again but nothing happened. This went on for five minutes or so before I suddenly felt it. I closed my eyes and I could kind of feel the water. It was like I knew it was there. I imagined that some of it rose up over the water.

“Holy shit.” Jake said making me open my eyes just in time to see the water fall down in the lake again.

Robert glared over at Jake. "If you're going to be here you better be quiet okay?" He asked him sounding mad.

"Yes sir." Jake said surprise still clear on his face.

"Okay try and do what you just did and draw a circle in the air with the water." Robert said looking at me making me look back at the water.

I closed my eyes and I could again feel the water. I opened my eyes to see some of the water was once again floating in the air. I tried to imagine that it split up and make a circle. I tried to do it again but nothing happened. I let out a sight and the water fell into the lake once again.

"Your doing it the right way Lea. I know it sounds crazy, but you have to not think so much about it for you to be able to do it." Robert said and I tried again. The water rose up again, but I coudn’t get it to make a circle. I let out a frustrated sight, let the water drop and tried once more.

"Argh! Why can't I get it to work?" I said frustrated. I had been trying for almost fifteen minutes now, and every time I could only get the water up a little above the lake and that's it.

"Maybe you should take a break." Jake suggested.

"No I have to do this." I told him closing my eyes getting the feeling of the water again. I tried to imagine a circle, and when I opened my eyes I saw once again, nothing had changed.

I let out a furious growl. This was starting to really irritate me. "listen maybe." Jake started getting up walking against me.

"I said no I need to do this." I cut him off. I turned my head just in time to see him flying through the air.

My mouth feel open as did his. I turned around to ask Robert what happened only to find him looking just as confused. "I have no Idea how you did that Lea." Robert said going over to Jake to see if he was okay.

"What." Jake got out as he stood up.

"Lea used her water power on you, I think. I mean she can control gobbles, it's 98% water and other things with a lot of water in, but your mom couldn't control people as well. I think it's best to go home for today, I have to look something up." Robert said before setting off in the direction of the city.

"I'm so, so sorry Jake. I swear I didn't mean to hurt you." I told him hurrying over to him.

"It's fine really. You didn't know." Jake said putting his arm around my waist before starting to walk. "Well he seemed like a good man. A little different than most maybe, but trustworthy." Jake said and I just smiled and rolled my eyes. I knew that, I had told him he was that. But no he had to know for himself.

We walked the rest of the way back to the car in silence just enjoying each others company. We took the car back to Jakes place where James awaited us. "Hi Luna." He said grinning giving me a hug, He knew I hated it when he called me that, it felt wrong for him to call me that, he was beta and a close friend to Jake.

“Hi DeGraw.” I answered scowling at him before walking into the living room where I pulled my computer up from my bag I had brought along. Jake and James walked into the living room but I ignored them as I tjecked my mail before I started studying for my next lecture.

We just sat there for an hour or so, the boys watching TV while I studied when the doorbell rang. Jake got up to open the door and I put my things away. “Oh you’re here.” I heard Lizzie say as she walked through the door entering the living room.

“You know it is my home. I should rather be asking you what you’re doing here? Couldn’t get enough of me huh? I know I have that effect on girls so I don’t blame you.” James said smirking.

“See now I get why you are like that. That’s the only good thing that came out of sleeping with you. Now I know it’s because you have a small dick, so no.” Lizzie said smirking back as she saw his face fell while both Jake and I trying not to laugh. “Please say you remembered my book.” Lizzie said turning around to look at me.

“Of course, even though it was you who forgot it before you moved, but it’s right here.” I told her grabbing it from my bag before pulling her out of the room before James and her could start fighting again.

Lizzie left really quickly, after she got her schoolbook, James and I made dinner while Jake looked at some Alpha business he had to discuss with his father. When we were done with the home made pizzas we called him in and we ate, and as promised James cleaned up afterwards.

A few hours later when we both got into bed Jake laid quiet for a few moments just looking up in the ceiling before saying anything. “I’m sorry if I ruined the training today, I’ll stay home the next time I promise.” He told me quickly pulling me into him.

“Good, because you’re a way too big a distraction.” I told him joking a little. Neither one of us had commented on the fact that I threw him through air without touching him. I don’t think anyone of us really knew what to say.

“Oh I can be way bigger distraction if you want.” He said rolling me over starting to kiss around where he had marked me warming my whole body up. I tucked in his hair to get his head up to mine where I could kiss him. He licked my lips and I opened gladly my mouth up so that he could slip his tongue in. He pulled back a little and smirked down at me with a glint in his eyes before he pulled my top over my head.

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“What the hell” Jake almost yelled puling back taking his hand up to touch his neck to and then down to look at it. “You bit me, how is that possible?” He asked looking at the blood there was on his hand.

I was just as shocked as he was and had no idea what to say, I was just as surprised as he was, I just couldn’t help it, when I felt the release coming I felt my teeth extend as well and just couldn’t help myself, I had to bite him, I couldn’t hold it back.

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