Chapter 26

Lea's POV.

And when her lips met mine, I knew that I could live to be a hundred and visit every country in the world, but nothing would ever compare to that single moment when I first kissed the girl of my dreams and knew that my love would last forever. – Nichoas Sparks

I woke up when Derek said my name. I sat up and looked at him. He looked worse than me, he had a black eye, his leg had been torn up by the wolves and his right hand was broken.

"We're landing in a moment." He said giving me a small smile. He knew we would get hell when we got home for not calling. I felt a hand on my thigh and looked to my left where Leo was sitting.

"It'll be okay." He said trying to ease me up a little. He had gotten a real bad hit to his head, so he had a bold spot on his head where they had to stitch him up and his ankle was twisted and he had a few broken ribs .

The one wolf they had though it were, turned out to be a group of nine people. Apparently only one had done the killing, but they had been nine to find out who they had to kill, they all thought that it was hunters they were killing. But we had checked, and they were normal people, and no idea what a werewolf was before they got attached.

We hadn't gotten a lead on them before late Friday, at that time we thought there was only one. So we followed him but got in a trap. Suddenly there were nine of them and three of us. We fought for a really long time before we were able to kill or seriously harm the others and could call for help to get them back to a prison we have, where they would stay until the council finds out what to do with them. After the fight we went strait to the hospital where they had to do a miner operation on me. It had succeeded two of the wolves to bite me so bad my upper body and right arm and shoulder got a big wound. Which would normally have healed fine with some stitches, but because of all the fighting, some pebble stone had managed to get into the wound. By the time it was discovered on my x-ray, my body had already started healing. So they had to get me on the table to cut me open and get the pebbles out. But apart from that was I fine and hadn't gotten hurt. We discussed if we should call Emily, Maggie and Lizzie, but we decided against it. We would get a big earful from Lizzie when we got home because we got hurt. And we didn't want to call and tell them we were at the hospital, Leo didn't want to upset Emily. I did think about Jake, but we were just friends, and I didn't really call my friends to tell where I was on these missions.

It was first Sunday we could go home because the hospital wanted me to stay for observation. We had called Lizzie before we got on the plane to ask her to pick us up in the airport. When we got out we were greeted by Lizzie, but also two angry looking mates and siblings. Jake and Emily. Emily's face softened as soon as she saw Leo and ran over to him to ask him what happened to him. Jake's face on the other hand, didn't soften.

"Why didn't you call anyone? I was worried sick about you." Jake said pulling me into a bone-crashing hug. I tried to not come with any sound, but even though I was a wolf and was healing fast, I did get surgery less than 24 hours ago, so I couldn't help the grunt that formed from the pain his hug was causing me, to slip out of my mouth.

"Did I hurt you?" He asked me taking a step back looking down at me. Looking all over my body to see if I was hurt.

"No sorry, I'm just tired." I said trying to get out of it, but I wasn't that lucky.

"I know you're good, but look at the boys, they are beaten up. Did something happen to you as well?" He asked me pointing over at the boys. I was just about to tell him a lie when he pulled down in my top so he could see the bandage on my shoulder and down.

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