Chapter 33

I stayed in the house for about 50 more minutes before I headed over to Jake. I would tell him everything today. I couldn't keep this from him. He was a part of it. What was going on with all these secret being spilled in this weekend?

At 3:48pm I was standing in front of Jakes door. I took a big breath before I rang on his doorbell. This was not going to be easy.

“Hi love. It’s good to see you.” He said as he pulled me into a quick kiss before he put his arms around me giving me a hug at the same time he pulled me into the apartment. He inhaled and stiffened. He pulled a little away and looked down at me. “You said you were walking in the woods alone right?” He asked me looking down at me.

“Uhm yeah right?” I asked him having a bad feeling about this.

“Then why do you smell like male wolf?” Jake asked with no emotions on his face. A thing he always did when he was in protective mode or Alpha for the matter.

I let out a sight. “Listen I need to talk with you about something. Is James home?” I asked him, really hoping we were alone.

“No we’re alone. And don’t change the subject.” He said sounding a little mad. I walked into his living room and started to close the blinds.

“Listen I said I needed to talk with you, you’ll get it when I have told you what I need to tell you.” I said looking around to figure out where I could move the table to so I had space to shift.

“Did I really fuck up that much? Is there really no way you can ever love me?” Jake asked me sounding hurt. I turned around to look at him and frowned my brows not getting where he was getting at. “But really? Do you think I deserve to get my heart pulled out like this? Is this your kind of revenge? Getting my hopes up and in the mean time have another boyfriend?” He asked me suddenly changing mood and looking angry.

“What the hell are you talking about? Other boyfriend? Do you really think that little of me? Gee thanks.” I told him getting a little mad. But I knew I still had to tell him. I couldn’t let it be. Not when it was part of his future as well. If he wanted part of it. I was about to lift the table when Jake spoke again.

“If not, then why lie to me about being in the woods alone and then come here with another male scent on you. And you must have had body contact with him to have so strong sent of him on you. So stop lying and tell me now. And what the hell are you doing? Could you please stop walking around and look at me when I try to have a conversation with you?” He asked sounding impatient.

“I’m trying to get your furniture out of the living room. So if you could please stop being so paranoid and help me out here so I could tell you what I came here for instead of this.” I told him moving the table out of the room.

“Stop doing that and tell me who you were with, why you have his smell all over you and why you kept it a secret if it isn’t because you have a secret relationship.” He demanded not stepping down.

“For crying out loud.” I said as I moved the couch to the side. “I have never told this to anyone before. I was hoping I could have done this a good way. But you don’t really give me any choice do you? If I say it’s bigger than what I told you about my past will please shut up then and listen to what I have to say?” I almost begged him. I didn’t want to shift just to make him shut up.

He looked at me shoked and then nodded and sat down on the floor. “Okay I don’t really know how to say this. The only one who knows is Dana and that man.” As I said man Jake growled. “Dana because she was there when I discovered and the man because he’s the same as me.” I told him taking a big breath. “I’m not a normal wolf. I’m closer to your black wolf.” He looked at me confused and I decided it was time to show him. “Block you mind completely.” I told him starting to remove my clothes.

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