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So I do have a sequel in mind. But I'm sorry, I won't be writing that anytime soon. I need a break from these people and I have already started on a new story. If I ever write a sequel it will however not be about Lea and Jake as such. They will be in the story of course. But this story will be mainly about Derek.

Until then I can tell a little what I imagine will happen.  

- Lizzie finds her mate. But he's already married and in love. So he rejects her claiming he don't need her. Lizzie of course is heart broken and no one can get through to her. She just closes herself off from people. But James gets through to her as he has been through loosing a mate. And they end up together. 

- Nate and Maggie take over for Dana when she gets to old and start their own family as well as take care of any parentless wolves.

- Jake and Lea build up their two packs and work a lot with them.  

- And for Derek I'm sorry. But you'll just have to wait. But everyone should have some kind of an ending. Right? ;)

Fun facts about WWWF for those of you that thinks it's funny.

- I wrote the first 4 chapters while I was alone in a summerhouse, without movies, books, TV or Internet. The idea came to me because I was kind of tired of the cliché, I didn't mind the cliché that much, more that there were never a twist in it.

- For the first I think 5 chapters Lea was actually named Lizzie.

- The magical powers as water and so on wasn't planned. But I felt that she needed something.
And the controlling humans thing is funny how much it reminds of bloos bending. But I actually didn't know Avatar the last airbender excited back then. I just thought it made sense, since 50-65% of the human body is water. :)

- It wasn't planned that John should die. But I felt like someone needed to die. I mean they're good but not that good so someone needed to die. I considered killing Dana instead of John, but it didn't really fit.

- It wasn't planned that Robert should tell Lea that the DA leader wasn't in the group of wolves that attacked them. But I felt that the fight was too small and too quick for it to be the end. So in chapter 41 I decided that, that was going to happen and got a different idea for what the sequel would be about if I ever get to write it.

- This is the first real story I have ever written.

- I don't know how many times I haven't read and re written chapter 1 and I still hate it.

- Almost all chapters until I moved to London are written while I was in school.

- It wasn't really planned that Lizzie and James should have something between them. But it just felt right.

- The thing with James mate wasn't planned either and I actually had to go back in the chapters I already had posted and put clues in.

- Breezzilla, Kristinewj and MaleneJ have all tree helped me when I had writes block and came with ideas of what would happen.

- If it wasn't for Kristinewj and MaleneJ I would never have posted this story, I'm still not actually sure that I like the story, or how it's written.

- Every single one of you that have commented on my story has at some point made my day. If I have had a bad day and I got a comment it has saved my day. So to all of you who have written, voted and read the story thank you so much. With out you guys I would never have finished this story.

- If you have any questions please comment and I would gladly answer. Thank you all so, so much and I hope you'll enjoy my next work xx

Next story 

I opened my door and was met with a solid chest. I raised my head and froze. In front of me was the man I thought I would never see again. Especially not in front of my door. 

"What are you doing here?" I got out. 

"I'm here to keep a promise I made." He said in a deep husky voice.

Alison Lowe's life is all about looking after others and doing what's right.  

But an illness and a special someone might just change all that. Edit

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