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His Dark Angel by Burning_Embers__
His Dark Angelby Burning_Embers__
SECOND BOOK OF THE HUNTRESS SERIES FIRST BOOK: "Lost in the eyes of The Huntress" They have over come so much but, there is still a war to finish and with Lyr...
  • worrior
  • love
  • hate
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Mental Illness Put Into Words!! by Marivelisse5
Mental Illness Put Into Words!!by Marivelisse Pagan
Just writing what comes to my mind.
  • believe
  • themind
  • worrier
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"Born To Be One" by ManaliShinde9
"Born To Be One"by Mohini
This story is only an imaginary one .even if it is related to the brave worrier and the ruler of Mewar it does not resemble to any incident or characters. some names r b...
  • relationship
  • princess
  • queen
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The Monkey King Hero is back x reader by LunnyBunny12
The Monkey King Hero is back x rea...by LunnyBunny12
A young boy named Liuer embarks on an awesome adventure to protect a young baby girl with his monkey friend (Y/N). Little does Liuer know that his friend that he's known...
  • worrior
  • king
  • sunwukong
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Things i wanna tell him... by Queenshade182
Things i wanna tell him...by 🌸Queen shade🌸
it's about a boy who i loved he doesn't understand my situation at all. he kept shouting at me all the time. he get angry at me with the little things. I just want to wr...
  • reallife
  • basedonatruestory
  • hurt
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Dragon Soul (ON HOLD) by ColourlessStar
Dragon Soul (ON HOLD)by SpeCTRe_V
Hoshimi Yukiko.A girl with white hair and golden eyes. Her tragic past changes her from a happy child to a cold and emotionless girl. She is a mystery... no one knows wh...
  • dragonite
  • magicschool
  • worrior
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midnight ( Creepypasta Toby X Reader ) by creepypastagall
midnight ( Creepypasta Toby X Read...by creepypastagall
midnight a normal girl but was her soul as dark as the sky around her?
  • worrior
  • ticcitoby
  • monsters
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The Kung Fu Chicken by chicken360
The Kung Fu Chickenby chicken360
A chicken who discovers his powers and abilities but his powers were caused by a crystal he has to destroy. He has to destroy it because it can also do bad. It can make...
  • chicken
  • kungfu
  • worrior
Last Ones by faiths20
Last Onesby Nuvy_2020
I wimpered as my paw was bleeding unstoppingly fast. She came u to me. He gave me an assuring look, and then he liked my paw carefully. I winced and then look at my paw...
  • worrior
  • ones
  • love
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The Lost Knight by milissa_tay
The Lost Knightby Tofu_
The rehearsal wedding begins but the bride is awfully late. What Ellen takes for cold feet and strange questions is actually something else entirely. While the guests ar...
  • supernatural
  • werewolf
  • goddess
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MULTISSEY:SILVER_SUN Logged on by milissa_tay
After Multissey was released to the very sceptical public players were flooding in. With 6 different worlds, 9 different races to chose from and any power you could wish...
  • love
  • funny
  • fire
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the girl with a steel heart by a_bee_in_wonderland
the girl with a steel heartby B Grant
first you train. then you fight. if you live you become grate. if you fail your fate will be worse than death.
  • assassins
  • worrior
  • betrayal
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Somebody's In My Dream by MonStay-L
Somebody's In My Dreamby OiFelix
This story is about a boy named Chan, he was born and raised in Australia. He lives with his parents and a younger brother named Minho but moved to the US when he was 18...
  • straykids
  • determination
  • drama
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Demi lovato is my role model and my idol by boobearfan20
Demi lovato is my role model and m...by boobearfan20
This book is about how Demi has helped me through the hard times in my life This is my life story Plz comment like vote and follow and I also have another book so go che...
  • demilovato
  • selfharmisnotok
  • demi
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Got a horrible job in a horrible horrible country
  • worrior
Dragon heart by a_bee_in_wonderland
Dragon heartby B Grant
the choosing of ones dragon is a sacred right of passage amoungst the illrain people, Vindis has made her choice but when she returns with a dragon that was beaten and c...
  • dragons
  • magic
  • worrior
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The Lone Worrior by MiLordDragonLord
The Lone Worriorby Lords of Myth
Every year there is a tournament where they find the best warrior's, no one know the reason why they do it but in order to enter the tournament you must be willing to gi...
  • fantasy
  • lone
  • worrior
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Girl with a gun by ernsite
Girl with a gunby Ernside
her face somethings emaculate. she weres golden earings that light up as she attacks/ stares you in the face, her big eyes blue as the seas, stares at u as u take your l...
  • world
  • epic
  • pretty
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Bogeyman  by harleybrooks123
Bogeyman by harleybrooks123
Adopted Sister of Elena mikayla Gilbert a kind beautiful and friendly student and also girlfriend of Damon Salvatore What happens when someone crosses her will she igno...
  • love
  • damon
  • death
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Jessica's story  by lilcutie2465
Jessica's story by lilcutie2465
A worrier get bored then finds her self in a bad situation
  • worrior