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Chapter 10

Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn't even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he or she will bring the others back."
― Heraclitus

"Congratulation!" Lizzie yelled running over to hug me, Leo and Derek." I can't believe you did it. That it's actually ten months since you guys got accepted into the IW. I can't believe you're all International Warriors." She continued grinning.

"Of course we made it through" Leo added to our conversation throwing his arm around my shoulder. "So what have mom planned?" He asked but was soon distracted by a girl walking by. I have to admit she was really good looking, it would be typical him if he ended up hooking up with her tonight. But his attention quickly came back to Lizzie when she hit him in the head. "Ow what was that for?" He said rubbing his head. Even though Lizzie was small she could hit really hard.

"You are not going to hook up with any girl tonight, today we are celebrating you guys. You can score any girl you want tomorrow when you celebrate with the rest of your class, but today you stay put." Lizzie said sternly but with a spark in her eye.

"Yeah yeah mom, I will do as you wish." He answered pounding. I couldn't help but grin at their conversation. It was just typical them. I was pulled away from Leo's arm, by two arms snaking around my waist pulling me back against a hard chest.

"Ha you're going home alone tonight, where I'm going home and to bed with this hot girl in my arms." Derek said kissing my neck trying to hide his smirk. He was only doing it to piss Leo off, that he got cock blocked, as Leo would put it, by his sister.

"Be careful what you say lover boy, or you too will go home alone tonight."I said pressing my body against his before pulling away from his embrace grinning, achieving a growl from him. I didn't mean it, but he didn't know that. I just smirked walking away from him without looking back. I knew he was starring after me, so I put a little sway to my hips just to annoy him. I walked over to his mom who was standing not far from us.

"Hey Ms. Maguire." I smiled hugging Derek's mom. She was so sweet and welcomed me in her home and approved of Derek's and mine relationship, even though we weren't mates. Her mate rejected her so we are kind of in the same boat, even though she was pregnant when he rejected her. Even though it felt a little awkward in the beginning to talk about it, now when I was dating her son, it actually helped me talking with her about it.

"How many times do I have to ask you to call me Caroline?" She asked me grinning a little. "Now let me see you." She asked looking me up and down. I had put on a white strapless dress, loose hair and as always my necklace. I have changed a lot in the 20 months I have been here. I had gotten fit, got forms, lost my glasses and I didn't try to hide my body any more. "You look stunning Lea, now where did you get your tattoo can I see it?" She asked letting go of me sitting down on the bench.

"Well I can't really show it to you now, but when we get to the Feldman's home I can show you" I said giving her a little smile sitting down beside her. We had all gotten our IW tattoos yesterday. It's a shield with a wolf on it with two circles around it. Between the two circles there is written different kind of information. In the top it says IW and the date you graduated. In the bottom your initials are in between your partners. It's really rare to shift partners, if you do it's because they are dead. It's normal to bee tree or four on a team, and since Leo, Derek and I have trained together for so long we have become partners. So in mine it says; D.M.   L.J.B.   L.F. in other words; Derek Maguire, Lea Jardin De Bagatell and Leo Feldman. I used my old name from my parents, it's not uncommon for people to change names so that if they get caught, the one who caught them can't find their families. The shield is very detailed and it's only very few who know how to make them so you can't just copy it. The tattoo proves you're an IW. You can choose yourself where you want it. Some choose to place it where people can see it others choose to hide it. I chose to have it on my right hipbone, kind of on my lower stomach. Derek chose to have his on the left side of his chest and Leo chose to have his on the right side. Derek's says L.J.B   D.M   L.F   and Leo's say L.J.B.   L.F.  D.M. Lizzie played offended when we showed them to her that she didn't have a place on our bodies until I said that L.F. could stand for Leo Feldman and Lizzie Feldman. Of course that made her day and she has told almost everyone that she is part of our team, in her head she makes our uniforms, even though we don't wear one.

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