Chapter 22

Jake's POV.

I'll wait on them, you just go and get us a table." I told the others as we got up ready to leave.
They walked out as I went to stand just outside the toilets to wait on my sister and Lea.

I had no idea what came over me, I wasn't even drunk or anything, I have never sung for anybody before. Or in front of an audience for that matter. But when I saw that they had that song I just had to sing it. It described so much how I felt. I couldn't not sing it. I didn't know how she took it, she didn't say anything. I guess I should talk with her instead of singing for her if I wanted to get her back, I wanted her as a mate, as my lover, as my best friend. But I knew I would be lucky if she even wanted to be friends with me. I knew that I didn't deserve her. That I should have taken my chance years back when I discovered that she was my mate. But I was too stupid and I thought way too much about what other people would think about me.

I heard the song a few days ago at my parents house. It was a song by this dude Thomas Helmig my mum loves. My mum was making dinner while listening to music and when that song came on I couldn't help but think about Lea as soon as I paid attention to the lyrics. That song described hers and my relationship so well and I knew that I had to try and talk with her. Lea was the reason that I stayed behind. I wanted to see if she would look at me or talk with me. I wanted to talk with her but I didn't know how to start or if she would even talk with me.

I was pretty surprised that she could dance like that, it was crazy. I had to really restrain myself from going up on the scene and get her down from it. It was like she put a spell on me as she was standing up there. Effecting me and my wolf, he was begging me to go up there and put my arms around her or kiss her. Just do something to show the other males in the room that she was mine. Even though I knew that, that wasn't true. I was way too aware of the fact that almost every male had his eyes on her and it was really bugging me. And then James had to make that comment about her. I knew that he only did it to piss me off and it was his way of punishing me for rejecting her. But it still made my wolf go crazy and I had to take deep breaths and try to focus on something else for him to calm down. 

I heard a door go so I looked up and saw Lea and Em walk towards me. I looked over at Lea before I tore my eyes off of her. I didn't want her to notice that I was staring at her. Even though it was hard to take my eyes off her as she was walking towards me. "Hi Lea. Uhm I was wondering if..." I began and let out a sigh, stopping before I could say anything. "The others went to another bar and I just wanted to stay back and follow you there." I finished, not having the guts to ask if we could talk. I looked  away from her feeling stupid. I was soon to be Alpha and had done a lot of dangerous things. But I still didn't have the guts to ask her if we could talk. But I knew why I felt like this. It wasn't just a casual talk I was going to have with her. It was a talk that could change my life and I was terrified of losing her for good. Plus there was the possibility that she wouldn't even want to talk with me. I knew she wasn't really having conversations with me when we had lunch together. But at least she was answering my questions and being polite towards me. What if this talk did that I lost that as well. It was the only thing I had and I couldn't afford to lose that as well as her.  

"Uhm thanks, lets go." Lea said a little awkward before we all three walked out and over to the place where the others would be. We found them sitting around a table all listening to one of James many stories.

"You're not serious are you?" Lizzie asked James with laugher in her voice. She was sitting beside him and had obviously been listening  to his story as well. 

"Oh I am. Want to go home with me tonight and find out if she was telling the truth?" James suggested sending her a grin. He had too much of an ego for his own good. He was worse than I used to be. But then again, he didn't have any excuse not to be. And it was his way of coping and forgetting. 

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