Chapter 17

Jake's POV

"Hope will lie to you, but lust is what it is; it never lies" - Laurell K. Hamilton

"You do know that, that trilogy is as children's book right?" Lea asked me. I was surprised she talked to me at all. My mom had just told me a few minutes ago that she would be joining us for dinner, it was a bit weird but I didn't really mind. I just hoped it wouldn't be awkward.

"Yeah but I read in when I was a boy and well I found this in my old room upstairs and I wanted to read it again." I said shrugging. Looking for a place to stop.

"It's some good books. It's just so sad in the end when they sit there in each there world on the same time because that is the only way they can be together just a little." She said and I took a proper look at her this time and to my irritation she looked really good. She had a black tight dress on loose from the waist down. And that lace at the top of her dress really got ones attention to her breasts. I really wouldn't mind just one night with her. Just to know how she would feel under me, feel if her skin and lips feel as soft as they look. But I guess I'll never know.

"Yeah I guess it is." I said closing the book as my mother came in the room.

"Oh it's good to see you again Lea." She said walking over giving her a hug. "Now come on the food is ready." She said leading us in to the dining room. I walked over and sat down in my usually seat when I saw that the only free spot Lea could take was in front of me. Well I guess I just have to endure this dinner as well as I could.

It turned out the dinner wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My mom and Lea of course talked a lot. But we also talked a little and laughed and I found my self actually having fun. She also talked about her training and the IW. I have to say that, that fight she was in not many days ago sent my wolf dangerously far out. When he saw that his mate was about to go into a fight he went crazy and wanted out and beat the bastard who dared to try and harm his mate. I was so close to walk in there and let my wolf take control when her guy suddenly pulled me back and whispered in my ear that I should give her a chance to prove herself. He had a firm grip on me a couple of minutes before he let me go. It was amazing to look at her fighting. She was so elegant and deadly at once. Plus she was sexy as hell when she beat him. But I was not the only one who thought that. When I looked around, some of the other males they had lust all over their faces. Especially when she bend down to remove her shoes. She really shouldn't have done that. It made all my blood run south. But she had some serious techniques something I hadn't seen coming. I don't know what I thought, that she was just bait or something on their missions I don't know. But that she could fight and kill was not what I had thought.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when my mom suddenly asked Lea if she had a boyfriend but had to run out of the room because of her phone. I hadn't thought about it. But I knew she had had sex with someone, she had weakened our bond. I didn't know how I hadn't though about it before. The thought of her in bed with another man made my wolf furious. How could she just make the decision to break our bond without me?

"Well her phone calls can take hours trust me. So why don't you just tell Jake and I?" My father asked her as he looked over at me.

"Well for the matter of fact I did have a boyfriend. Derek. We were together for almost two years." She said smiling. Fuck I knew she would say yes but it still hurt my wolf really bad. By the look on her face she obviously still had feelings for this Derek guy and from how she acts around that Leo kid they also had something going on. How did she become such a slut?
I didn't realise I had said the last part out loud before she turned to me.

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