Chapter 20

Jake's POV.

You're always close enough to touch, but never quite close enough to hold and it's enough to break my heart – Nicholas Sparks

"So you found your mate huh? When were you going to tell me? Or even say hi to your own brother, don't I get a hug? I haven't seen you in ages." I asked my sister as I saw her and Maggie talking on their way home. I heard Em let out a sigh before Maggie walked away.

"Yeah... How did you know?" She asked looking puzzled and a little uncomfortable. After she gave me a quick hug.

"The way you and Maggie were talking about it, it was almost impossible not to hear." I told her smirking and she frowned. "So when are we going to meet this guy? I mean I have to meet him and make sure he can take good care of you." I told her, even though my sister and I fell a little apart after the whole Lea incident, I still loved my sister and would die for her without a second thought. I wanted to meet this guy before they got too cosy. I wanted to make sure she would be okay.

"Oh... And you're not going to meet him, not if I can help it. You will just try and scare him away." My adorable little sister said glaring at me.

"Oh I will. So will mom and dad as well. This Saturday?" I asked grinning. She knew as well as I that our mom and dad would be a lot more down to earth about this than I would. I wanted to see if she had that happy glimpse in her eyes when she looked at him, and more importantly, I wanted to see if he had that look when he looked at her.

"No way. And he can't this weekend. He has a big assignment he is doing with one who is taking the same class as him." She said grinning. Like she though she won. She should know better by now.

"Fine, then we'll just say next Tuesday." She was just about to say something, i bet to object, when I beat her to it. "And don't think you can just say no. You either do this with mom or dad, or I will order you to have a dinner with, him, you and me only. Your choice." I couldn't help but smirk a little as I told her this. I knew she would hate me for it but I wanted to meet him fast so I could set him in his place if he needed to. Make sure he treated her right.

"Fine." She bit out. "But. I'm allowed to bring a friend and you won't be able to scare this guy." She said smiling big looking proud.

"Oh is that so? Who wouldn't I be able to scare?" I asked. There was no one apart from our parents and grandparents I didn't have power over. Well and Lea.

"Leo Feldman." She said as she turned around and stumped away leaving me stunned. No way was that scum bag going to mate with my sister. I had to admit that it would be harder to beat and scare him if needed. He is in the IW after all. But I have had the same training as them, plus I was an Alpha, and a really strong one, so I'm sure I could take him down. The only good thing about all this was that Em and Leo being mates. Mean that he and Lea wouldn't be a couple any more.

A few hours later James and I were sitting at some bar getting our first beer. I had promised him that I would go out with him, so here we were. It was a pretty normal place with a bar, a dance floor and a lot of people.

"Come on Rice, help me out here and be my wingman. Look at those two over there. I want to try and get the one in the dress." James said smirking. I looked the way he pointed and saw two humans girls. There was the girl in the blue dress James talked about and then there was a girl in a denim skirt and a green top, the girl in the dress was blonde and the other girl had black hair. They looked pretty hot so I didn't mind. As we walked over to them I couldn't help but look at the girl in the skirt and compare her to Lea. But I quickly pushed the picture which popped up in my head away again. 

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