Chapter 18.

Jake's POV.

"That line between love and lust was thin as a whisper" - Julia Karr

"Hi Lea..." I started as soon as I saw her, but she cut me off again.

"Please go help your mother with the cakes would you?" She asked me turning her back to me again. I let out a small growl but walked away anyway.

"Man you really want to bang her that much? I mean it's like what, the fifth time she send you away without hearing what you're trying to say?" James asked coming up beside me chuckling. I knew he tried to cover it up with jokes. But I knew he had started to notice that I was paying a lot of attention to Lea, and he didn't understand why.

"Seventh." I mumbled walking away from him. Every time I had tried to talk with her today to tell her I'm sorry for calling her a slut, she has ignored me and send me off. Either I had to help setting a booth up, going to the bank to get change or something else. She had a long list of things I could do, normally I wouldn't let people tell me what to do like that. But I didn't mind her telling me. Actually it frightened me how little my wolf minded and almost enjoyed it. And I needed to watch out so that the pack didn't start believing that I just did as told by anyone. The fact that they didn't know she was my mate, made it look like I just followed order, and I really couldn't let that happen.

I looked up from painting a banner to look at her and couldn't help but smile. She was talking with one of the kids living with Dana. The one who defended her in front of those boys back at the BBQ. She really had something with kids. I had noticed that she talked a lot with the kids and had a way with them. At first they were afraid of her, because she was in the IW. But as soon as they got to know her a little bit they didn't leave her side and got a glimpse in their eyes of happiness when she played with them. She would be an amazing mother sometime. I could just imagine her with her own little child. Maybe a girl with her green eyes. Something deep inside me stirred but I couldn't put a finger on it. The thought of her being pregnant with someone else child didn't go down well with my wolf and I had to think about something else. I looked down at the banner again focusing on making the a in cake sale look good.

After an hour we were finally done and everyone were set. I saw Lea standing close by and was just about to try and talk with her again when my grandma came over to us. "Oh Lea, Jake just the two people I was looking for. I would like to buy the two of you for the next hour to help me get some order in all the stuff we have on the attic." She said giving us a small smile waving her hand for us to follow her. I didn't know whether or not she knew that Lea was my mate. But like she behaved I would defiantly think that she was up to something.

We followed her in complete silence, no one saying a word. Lea just walked in her own world. I tried to steal some glances from time to time, and every time I looked over at her she was looking in the opposite direction of me or just right ahead. She walked beside me letting my grandma lead the way, so I could only see her in profile. Often when I looked at her she was either biting for lip, or fiddling with her necklace, looking like she was thinking about something. Properly thinking about what to do with Danas house.

It didn't take too long before we were at my grandparents house ."If you will just go up and start putting the boxes in place and get some system in it then I will bring you something to drink and eat." My grandma said walking out to the kitchen, leaving me and Lea alone. I was about to tell her which way she had to go when she started walking towards the attic without me giving her directions. I guess I hadn't realize how much time she had spend here before she walked up to the attic and turned on the light without even looking for the switch. I had never really thought about how much she actually is in my family. The only one she doesn't have a relationship with is me.

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