'Mr bring me down
Well ya like to bring me down don't ya
But I ain't laying down, baby
I ain't going down
Can't nobody tell me how it's gonna be
Nobody gonna make a fool out of me
Baby you should know that I lead not follow'

'Cause baby you don't know a thing about me
You don't know a thing about me'

' Mr play your games
Only got yourself to blame
When you want me back again
But I ain't falling back again
Cause I'm living my truth without your lies
Let's be clear baby this is goodbye
I ain't coming back tomorrow'

Chapter 4

It's possible to go on, no matter how impossible it seems, and that in time, the grief... lessens. It may not go away completely, but after a while it's not so overwhelming - Nicholas Sparks

Om my way home I put my headphones en my ears and 'Mr. know it all' started playing.
I listened to the lyrics and the song reminded me of Jake, some of the lines just matched perfect. I sang out loud even though I can't sing at all I enjoyed saying the lyrics and imagine it was Jake I sang them to.

After today I knew I had made the right choice about leaving. It had been an okay day to begin with. I had woken up and felt okay, Maggie and Nate had been all lovely dovely with each other in the morning and it didn't bother me that my mate didn't want me or to see them. But it was quickly ruined. We had a free period and I was looking for Maggie and Nate they had said to me they would be in one of the empty classrooms. So I walked around looking for them. I was too stupid not to use my nose to smell were they were but I didn't think about that. I went to a classroom I heard noises from and opened the door and found two people getting it on. But not just any people, it was Jake and Jessica, and it killed me inside to see it. I felt like I had just gotten hit really hard in my stomach and I couldn't breathe. I was fighting tears and I could feel my wolf wanting to get out and rip her head off. Jake was sitting on a chair with her on top of him and she was only in a bra and skirt. He looked up at me with an unreadable face.

"Sorry to interrupt I though you were my friends. Please carry on!" I said on my way out of the room again with a clear voice. Or I hoped I had a clear voice, I just hoped that he hadn't noticed what an effect he have had on me.

"Knock before you enter a room, has anyone never told you that? And stay away from me I don't want you near me" He said letting his alpha voice through.

I walked out to find Maggie and Nate, I know they could see something was wrong with me but didn't ask, I don't think Maggie would be too glad to be held back from attacking Jake. I know if I told her she would flip. After that I though I wouldn't have to see Jake any more that day. But I just wasn't that lucky. When it was time for lunch I was starving so I ran up to the line to get some food. I didn't look who was in front of me before it was to late and I didn't want him to effect me so much I couldn't even eat. I think he must have smelled it was me who was behind him, because he turned around.

"Didn't I tell you to stay away from me? This isn't staying away from me, I even told you using my alpha voice you shouldn't be able to stand here with me now." He said, first sounding irritated and now confused.

"Well trust me I don't want to be near you either but I'm really hungry!" I said hoping he wouldn't ask me about the order again but I wasn't that lucky.

"You didn't answer my question I asked you how you can disobey my order?" He said looking in my eyes and I was staring right back, something you never should for too long with an alpha but I didn't care at this moment.

"Well I don't know! Maybe because we were supposed to be mates and the fact that you aren't alpha yet had something to do with it?" I send him through our mind link. I really needed to begin obeying his orders or he will start noticing his orders didn't really have that much of an effect on me. But right now I just needed to try and stand up against him, I may not be that much of an opponient, but this was the only thing I could think of right now that could show him he hadn't won.

He didn't say anything back he was just stood there looking at me with a face I really couldn't figure out what meant. I was too far away in his eyes to notice what was going on and it was too late when I did. Suddenly his lips were on me and sparks were flying everywhere and my stomach crumpled together in pleasure. I was frozen in shock at first but then he grabbed me on my waist with his hands and pulled me tight against him. He started moving his lips against mine and I started to respond. It was wonderful and I had butterflies in my stomach, which only doubled as he licked my lips asking for entrance, I bit his lip lightly and opened my mouth. He moaned quietly so only I could hear as he put his tongue in and started massaging mine with his. He took his hands from my waist down to my ass and that was when it hid me what I was doing. I shoved him away from me and shock was written all over his face. I had absolutely no idea of what the hell just happened or what to say.

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