Written by  Penny Hart
                                                   Being edited by HollisMayer

Firstly, I know there's a lot of mistakes in this book, firstly because I wrote it when I was 17 and English is my second language. Secondly because I've never taken the time to read through it all and correct typing mistakes.
But I'm slowly making my way through the book now.

So this first chapter is mainly her back ground story, it gets better I promise. This is also the first book I heve ever written so I hope it's just okay :)

This is a story about life, about how I learned to love myself, and found out who I am.  

Chapter 1  

"Love should bring joy, it should grant a person peace, but here and now, it was bringing only pain." - Nicholas Sparks   

Everyone has different wishes and dreams. Some wish to be rich and famous, others for health and love. Some dream about a better life with food every day while others dream about being on top of the world.  

In my position, however, just wish my parents' death had never happened. I dream about a life where they wouldn't have died.  If they had lived I probably wouldn't have endured the things I did, or own the scars I have received.

Then some may have dreamt about a life where they didn't have to keep a secret that could get them killed, if the wrong person were to find out.  I know I could get killed if people discover my secret, but I will not let that happen. The secret is actually one of the few things I am proud about myself.

But not me, I am happy where I am today.  I don't live everyday in fear anymore. I may not be beautiful, but I was decent. Of course I could wish my parents hadn't died, and everything would be normal, but I knew nothing good would come of that kind of thinking. The only thing I really wish for is that my mate hadn't rejected me.  I wish I had been good enough for him, and that he would have accepted me.  

I was three years old when my parents died. I don't remember how they died, where they died, or who they were. I don't even remember them, I don't have any idea where I come from.

I wasn't adopted before I was fifteen so before that I just moved from home to home. Then one day in March this old man came by the home and talked to me. He said his name was Louis and we ended up spending the next hour talking with each other.  

Two days after Louis had come to visit, a woman showed up and adopted me. The woman was named Dana Hale and was in her 30's. When she adopted me my name changed from Lea Jardin De Bagatelle, to Lea Hale. She lived in the same town as Louis, and I was sure that Louis had asked her to adopt me. I was so happy that I was adopted, and still am. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. But it wasn't what I thought it would be. It was not a family with a mom, dad, and children. Dana was alone and she had a lot of children, when I got there, there were 7, but as some grew up they moved away and new moved in. But it was my home, and I would live there till I moved out to live on my own. Dana was like a mother to all of us. She taught us how to behave, put us in school, told us stories before bedtime, and took care of us.  

Through the years Louis came to visit me every week. He told me stories, played with me, and even taught me about life along with a lot of his wisdom. I often thought about why Louis chose me that day, why I was the lucky one, and not the girl or boy who sat beside me.  

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