The Bucket List

I opened my door and was met with a solid chest. I raised my head and froze. In front of me was the man I thought I would never see again. Especially not in front of my door. “What are you doing here?” I got out. “I’m here to keep a promise I made.” He said in a deep husky voice.

Alison Lowe's life is all about looking after her sister and doing what was right, from her mum's point of view anyway. But her sister getting ill, and a special someone. Might just change her.

Chapter 43

“Derek come on. It’s been a long day. Where are you taking me?” I sighted trying to get an answer out of him again. Derek Rob and I had been having a meeting for the last 3 hours and I was tired.

It had been 6 months since John had died and we were slowly getting ready for the rest of the world to know about me. We had told Jake’s pack about it. But they knew how important it was to keep it a secret until I was ready.

“I know. I’m your beta and have to endure all the pack stuff you have to go to as well.” He pointed out. I felt the car make a turn and the road under us changes from smooth to bumpy.

“Is it really necessary for me to be blind folded?” I grumbled. We had been driving for an hour and I was tired of not being able to see anything. Unfortunately Derek had the same training as I had, so I had lost track of where we were by now.

“Yes. Now stop complaining. You’re off from duty the rest of the day and all day tomorrow.” Derek reminded me and I couldn’t help but smile. Between handling the lost of John, Jake becoming Alpha and I Luna. Giving Derek the title as my beta, becoming Alpha myself, trying to master my powers and rebuilt my village, there just hadn’t been much time to relax.

I had to help Jake through the lost of his father, and figure out with him how to run a pack. Which was very helpful for me as well. Or it will be, I don’t really have a pack at the moment. I have Derek, my beta, Lizzie, Lizzie and Leo’s parents, who moved here and Em and Leo. Emily meant it was better for her and Jake’s relationship if he wasn’t her Alpha. But I’m pretty sure that was just an excuse, as he’s still her Alpha male. I know it was so I actually had someone in my pack.

The whole having our own packs were very confusing in the beginning. We couldn’t put them together. He couldn’t be Alpha for my pack and I couldn’t just take his place as Alpha. But at the same time were we both Alpha female and Alpha male for each others packs. In the end, after many fights, did we just finally agree, we wouldn’t meddle in each others packs, but would help if the other one asked.

“Yeah, it should be good. I’m hanging out with Lizzie and Leo tomorrow” I smiled. I hadn’t seen them much lately. If it wasn’t Jake and his, our, pack I was busy with, then I was learning about my history and powers from Robert. I had gotten a lot better I had to admit. But I still  had a lot to learn.

“I’m feeling left out.” I could hear Derek say and I could just imagine him pout.

“No offence. But seeing your face will not make it a day off. I see you almost every day and it will just remind me of work.” I teased him. “But Christina is making dinner where Jake, Em and Sasha are joining if you would like to come as well?” I asked. Shortly after John’s death Christina and Charles decided to move back here and join my pack. Leo had found his mate here anyway and they missed this place. They had helped me so much. Telling me stories about how my pack used to function, what we had of traditions and how my mum ruled.

Suddenly the car stopped and I couldn’t help but let out a sight. Finally we had arrived. I heard the door open and Derek get out. Not many seconds later opened my door. I smelled him before  I felt him. “Hi love.” Jake whispered in my ear as he pulled me into his arms.

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