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Chapter 15

"God it's been a long day. I have looked forward for this swim since I put my foot on campus." I said pulling my t-shirt over my head. Lizzie, Maggie and I were in the changing room on our way to the swimming pool. I really needed to just swim and not think of anything else. It was Thursday today, it has only been three days since we met the pack and lets just say they all still looked at me weirdly when I walked by.

After the meeting a few from the pack had come over and welcomed us, there were a few I knew who came over and said hi to me and asked why I left, most of them adults or boys around my age not believing it really was me from back then. The people I went to school with back then still kept a little distance from me, I guess old habits die hard. They weren't treating me bad and talked to me if needed, I just didn't think they really knew what to say. Not everyone was treating me politely; the people who hang around Jessica never let me be if they saw me, they kept saying bad things about me, commenting how ugly my clothes were or starting rumours about me. The worst I had heard was that I worked as a prostitute. They were giving me hell. But I didn't really care, it was only words and none of it was true. All her girls constantly tried to get together with Leo, flirting with him, rubbing up against him to try and provoke me. But he turned them down. Bless him. He always has my back and would never be with anyone who tried to get me down. They all thought that we were a pair because we were always together, no one guessed we were just really close friends.

"Holy shit!" Some girl said beside me pointing at me. I followed her gaze and saw what she was looking at my tattoo with big eyes and open mouth. When she saw I was looking at her she paled. "I'm sorry I just saw it and it came out of my mouth, I have never met a warrior before please, I didn't mean anything by it." She said looking afraid, this girl had obvious only heard the bad stories about us. I couldn't help but laugh at her expression.

"Don't worry I won't harm you because you stare at my tattoo. I stared as well the first time I saw one." I said smiling to her. She gave me a careful smile back before collecting her things.

"Well I have to run. See you around." The girl almost whispered and walked out of the changing room. I just turned around and shook my head.

"Well I guess that cat is out now. I just hope that means Jessica and her friends will back off a little now." I said to them as I pulled on my bikini top.

"I don't get why you don't say anything to them or do something about them?" Lizzie asked as she put on her bathing suit.

"Yeah and the way those girl keep throwing themselves at Leo is disturbing." Maggie said wrinkling her nose.

"Well I want to, trust me, but I don't want to make a scene and make this bigger than it already is." I said shrugging. "Now come on lets go for that swim." I sighted taking my towel with me. They followed after me talking with each other. As soon as I saw the water I threw my towel from me and made a head spring down in the water staring to swim. Swimming was something Lizzie had smitten me with as well. Every time I needed to clear my head back in California I would always run or drive out to the beach to take a swim. There is just something about how you can let go and not sink to the ground. How everything underwater is quiet and peaceful. The feeling that you get from floating on water, it feels like flying. Or when you lay under the water and look up into the sky. A pool wasn't as good as the sea or a lake, but it was better than nothing at all.

Ninety minutes later we were heading home. I wanted to head home and get started on flyers for the fundraising for Dana and her children. I had planned to do a car wash, make cake and coffee to sell and make a flea market. Plus I wanted people to be able to buy us for an hour if they wanted us to help with anything, carrying stuff or painting or things like that. Leo, Lizzie, Maggie and Nate were on and so were Louis and his mate. I was hoping I could get the Alpha to help as well, I knew that would really help. If the Alpha couple helped it would mean that a lot of people would sign up.

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