Chapter 27

"This is why the idea of finding love across the dance floor endures – symbolizing that, when we know the true rhythm of our heart, we know the other." - Alexandra Katehakis

My dress came Wednesday and I loved it. It went to my ancles, was tight over my chest, stomach and in the waist. And from my bum and down it hang losely. It had thin strops and a bare back, I didn't want to ruin that look, so I had to wear it without a bra. It was plain red and had a slit in it so I could move better. I absolutely loved the dress.

I saw Emily's dress as well. It went down to the floor and had a big v neck and some kind of stones on it. Lizzie loved the idea of the ball and of course went all out. She made a dress made out of fake leaves in different kind of colours. It looked amazing.

Maggie had decided on a beautiful simple gown in orange.

Emily told me about the rest of her family's dresses as well. They all had red on, like they had every year. Others could have red on as well, but the Alpha family always wore red for some weird reason.

I spend an hour Friday to do my hair so it curled just the right way and put on make up with Maggie, though she wasn't getting ready before a little later, she kept me company. I didn't want to put on my dress until a few minutes before we would leave, if anything should happen, plus it would wrinkle. So I just stayed in my PJ's. Jake arrived a little before four, so we could have a cup of coffee as promised. We had to be there around six as the first, and then we would all eat at seven.

As I opened the he looked down at me looking confused. I guess he didn't expect to find me in my night shorts and his big t-shirt, which pretty much covered my shorts. He groaned and walked in. "You look sexy in that." He said smirking and gave me a quick peck. I tried to get him to stay and kiss me a little while longer. But he just nibbled on my lower lip and pulled away. Clearly not wanting to deepen the kiss.

"Why do you always only give me a quick peck?" I asked him not getting it, every time I had seen him this week he would quickly kiss me and that be it. I had tried a few times to let the kiss last and it was honestly getting on my nerves. Why didn't he want to kiss me?

He looked at me funny frowning. "I'm trying to take it slow. I don't want to rush things." He told me with a warm small smile on his lips. I pulled down in his tie and kissed him, a real kiss this time. I knew he was right and we should take it slow. I just needed a real kiss. I put my hands in his hair and he put his hands around my waist pulling me into him. I licked his lips for entrance and this time he opened for me, but he didn't let me dominate the kiss for more than a few seconds. I felt his hands move from my waist down to my ass. He squeezed it and pulled my lower body closer to his growing groin.

Suddenly he put his hand on my thigh and lifted me up like I waited nothing. I put my legs around him and he grunted. I could feel how hard he was and it made heat flow down to my core. He started to walk over to my couch where he laid me down with him on top of me. I couldn't help but raise my hips up against him which earned me a moan from him. "Fuck." He said as he ground against me making me moan his name and he groaned starting to kiss down my neck. He looked at me for permission before he started to kiss and bite between my neck and shoulder where he may some day mark me.

Suddenly I felt his teeth grow out and touching my skin. "Shit." He said jumping off me. I just sat here shocked, glad he had pulled away. "I'm sorry Lea. My wolf is begging me to mark you. And I wouldn't mind at all. So it's getting harder to hold him a bay. Especially when you look like that and I can smell how aroused you are. You moaning my name were the last drop. You are too tempting for your own good," He said as he got control over his teeth. I couldn't help but smirk at what he had just told me. I was giving him a chance, but he still shouldn't have it too easy.

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