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Chapter 7

Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness. Steve Maraboli

I was terrified; I knew I shouldn’t have taken that food from the kitchen.  It was a big thing, I would get cut in again. I just couldn’t let her be like that. She was sick and some of the boys had eaten her food. I wish I had discovered it before I ate my food, then she could have had it. I sat in my room. Hoping he wouldn’t discover it; but I knew he properly would. Rex had seen me and he loved seeing me in pain. I was sure ‘hewould get here soon. I was almost shaking; I didn’t want to be cut in again, it was only two days ago I was last time and my wound hadn’t healed yet.

The door burst open and there he stood tall and looking pissed.
“How dare you steel food from me you filthy little slut you already had food today, you haven’t earned more.” He said walking slowly over to me. I didn’t want to tell him I didn’t ate it, if I told him it wasn’t for me but for someone else he would beat her too and I didn’t want that. I crawled farter in the corner knowing what was coming next. He put his hand down in his pocket and up came his knife. He hold me down to the ground on my stomach and raised my shirt. I had removed the bandage from around me when I got in, I knew if he came he would only get matter seeing someone had taken care of me. He started trailing the blade of the knife around my wound. I bit down on my lip expecting the pain to come soon. He only got more mad at me if I screamed. And as predicted he sank the knife down in my old wound and I could taste blood in my mouth from biting down on my lips trying to suppress the scream.

I woke up sweating my heart running away in my chest. I sat up in bed looking around the room. It had just been a dream I was now in my room. It had been a few days since I last had a dreamt about my old home in that orphan. I got up and walked out of my room there was no way I was going to get any sleep now. On my way out I looked at the time; it was 06:02am. When I got to the park just behind I sat down on a bench bringing my book out to read. To read has always helped when I dreamt about it at night or right after it happened; it made me think of something else. There had passed about ten minutes when I sensed someone’s presence. After a dream I always let my wolf use all senses open to any danger, it usually took an hour or so for me to get fully back to normal.

I looked up and there walking slowly towards me was Derek. I could see he was looking me up and down I didn’t get why. But then I remembered I hadn’t changes I was still in my short shorts and a tank top, my hair was in a knot and I had my glasses on. Damn why did I go out in this, I have almost nothing on.

“Hey Lea. What are you doing here... Reading?” Derek asked me as he sat down beside me putting his elbows on his knees looking my way.

“Well I couldn’t sleep, had a bad dream, so I decided to come here read. What are you doing here?” I asked him putting my legs up in front of my body. Thank god my scar on my inner tight was so high that shorts could cover it.

“I run every other day, I usually run on the same days we will train you, but I didn’t get to run yesterday. What was your dream about? Want to talk about it some times it helps.” He said smiling shyly to me.

“It’s sweet of you but no thanks, it was just a silly thing.” I said folding the corner of my book so I could close it but find the place I had gotten to again.

“Well if you’re sure. Want to join me on the run then? You can run in that.” Derek said looking me up and down as he got up taking his hand out for me to take and join him.

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