Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

What people forget is that a journey to nowhere starts with a single step, too. ― Chuck Palahniu.

The next day, I spend with Lizzie unpacking my things.  She leaves only for morning classes, and she lets me sleep in, but helps me most of the afternoon.

There is one door unaccounted for, when I first looked over the apartment.  It turns out to be a huge walk-in closet.   I’ll have to share it with Lizzie, but it’s something I have never had before. Lizzie has clothes in almost the whole closet, so she had to clear some space for me.  When we are finally finished we order pizza before we plop down to watch a movie. Lizzie wants to see a romantic movie, but I’m just not in the mood for it.  Leo agrees with me as he enters the apartment, so with little discussion we settle for  ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’, instead.

I woke Thursday morning by Lizzie standing over me with a tray of pancakes.

“Rise and shine sleepy head. My mom was by five minutes ago with breakfast. She makes pancakes every year when we start school, and since it’s your first day, she made them for you, and well me and Leo as well.” Lizzie says sitting down beside me.

“It’s really sweet of her, but she didn’t have to do that.” I say sitting up. I yawn not wanting to get up. I hadn't slept really well; I had one of my nightmares and had problems falling back to sleep. As soon as I feel myself doze, Lizzie wakes me. 

“Nonsense, it would be weird if se didn’t. Why don’t you take a shower, and I will sit things up out here? Leo will be here in ten minutes.” Lizzie says getting up and putting the pancakes on the table.

So, I do just that. I get up and take some clothes and jump in the shower. I don’t take that long, and I am finished after five minutes. I put my wet hair up in a loose bun. Then, I take my baggie jeans on and a t-shirt. When I got out, Lizzie looks at me and frowns.

“Are you really looking like that on your first day of school? I mean you are pretty, but don’t you want to wear some clothes that fits or something?” Lizzie asks; me looking a little embarrassed.

“Nope. I feel comfortable in what I’m wearing.” I tell her walking over and lying down on my bed, so I could sleep a little more till Leo got here. Lizzie just shakes on her head at me before she walks out to get ready.

Less than five minutes later there is a knock on the door, and Lizzie opens it. “Good morning girls. So, ready for your first day Lea?” Leo asks as he jumps down on my bed.

“Humph. I wish we didn’t have morning classes today. I hate waking up early.” I say putting my head down in my pillow. It isn't that often that I sleep without nightmares, and if I’m able to fall asleep again, it usually takes a few hours.  I hate getting up early because it means I don’t get enough sleep.

“Come on you will like it. The people in our classes are really nice, plus you will love my mom’s pancakes.” Leo says pulling me up from my bed. I have to admit he is right; his mom did make kick ass pancakes.

“So ready to your first class in the new school?” Leo asks me as we arrive at our first lecture.

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