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Chapter 9

"Hey Lea I just got the pictures from last Friday from Cat, want to look through them with me?" Lizzie yelled from her room as I entered our home after my run. I walked in and saw her still in her PJ's, her hair up in a messy bun and her cup of morning coffee beside her. She was sitting on her bed, legs crossed and her laptop in her lap. I sat down beside her and saw a picture of me and Leo making faces to the camera.

"Look at this one Lea, it's of you and me up on the podium dancing. It was so fun." She said pointing at the screen. Last week it was my one year anniversary here and they wanted to celebrate that. So Christina had made a lovely dinner for all of us, Lizzie, Leo, Derek, Cat and I. They spend a lot of the dinner talking about all the things we had done since I came here, and it was actually really fun to look back at. When we were finished we went out to a bar to get drunk and celebrate. Lizzie got me convinced to go out with them way back now, and we do it quiet often. I had to admit I love it. We just dance and have a great time, of cause we drink as well when we can, but usually we don't drink a lot, we just have fun.

"Oh this one is good. You can see Derek on this one. It was so fun to see his reaction when he saw you shake that sexy ass of yours up there. He really didn't last long before he got up on the podium with us when we started to dance together. And that boy had sworn to never put his foot on one." Lizzie said laughing. I remember that as well. It was so fun watching him try to stay away, but as soon there was a boy who tried to dance with me, he lost it and almost ran over to me to dance with me, showing I was his. Not that I minded I loved dancing with him, and he was a really good dancer as well.

"So did you have fun last night?" Lizzie asked me when we were done looking at the photos, putting her laptop away.

"Yeah." I said looking down avoiding looking in her eyes. I had often slept a Derek's place but last night was different.

"Hey why are you avoiding eye contact? What happened?" She asked turning completely so she was looking straight at me.

"Uhm well we kind of did it." I said nervously playing with my fingers.Avoiding her gaze.

"Oh my god. Finally. I really admire that boy for waiting almost 7months. I mean I know he loves you but still that's a long time to wait with so much sexual tension between you two, I'm sure you've given him blue balls more than once. But now tell me everything and I mean every little detail." She said beaming. "No wait" She almost yelled holding her hand up getting out of bed."I'm going to get some breakfast, I was going to make it before you came and can't wait any more. You wait here I will be right back." She chuckled walking out her room. I knew seven months was a long time, and I did feel a little bad about it, but I just didn't feel like doing it before now, it wasn't because I didn't want to, I did. It was just that I knew if I did it, then something would be broken with my mate. Our bond will never disappear, but when you have sex with another person after you have met your mate you won't be able to feel the other persons presence as strongly as before. But you both have to sleep with someone else for it to work. Only if you are together with your mate again will the bond come back, and stronger this time. But Derek understood that. But in the end I wanted to be with him, I wanted to take our relationship to another level, and it wasn't like Jake didn't sleep around I knew he did.Before I could feel his presence, it's hard to describe, but I could feel he was there, I could feel if he was in danger or really mad or really happy. The fact that we were so far apart helped with not feeling each other.

But that wasn't the only thing, I just hadn't told him about the other.I needed time to get ready. When we first started going out, if he as much as touched me on my tight or other more private areas I would pull away or freeze right away. Even though there weren't any sexual thoughts about it, I still couldn't handle it. But I had grown a lot since then, and just as slowly I became ready to take the next step with him.

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