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Chapter 39

“Are you ready?” Robert asked slowly approaching me. I was standing a little away from the rest of them collecting my thoughts.

“Yeah. Well I just have one question.” I told him mentioning for him to follow me. There were too many people around in the living room, even though I was standing a little away, they would still be able to hear what we were talking about. I looked quickly around at the people in the room before leaving with Robert. Jake had talked with his dad and mom so his dad was here, Derek and Leo was here, James and of course Lizzie. Ten wild horses couldn’t keep her away. I was just afraid they would get hurt. “How can they steal my powers? I mean, if it's that easy, why haven't someone done it before?” I hadn’t thought about this to begin with, but when I realized he had never told me I got curious.

"Well I don't want to put you out if it. But when the water has recognized you, it'll give you the power, but just before you receive it they'll try and kill you and take your place. I just hope they haven't discovered that you're here and that you're ready to get your powers." Robert told me looking intensely at my face to see my reaction. But I didn't know what to say. I felt kind of like someone just had pushed the air out of me. 

I looked over his shoulder into the living room where I could see Jake standing with the others. If they where willing to kill me, it would mean they would be willing to harm any person who was in this room and I didn’t want one of them to get hurt. Just like the people who used to live here. I didn't want them to end up like the wolves from my parents pack.

I hated being in this town, in this house. There were still things that the family that used to live here had left behind. To begin with I didn’t notice much of it. The first thing I noticed was a baby cup in the kitchen, then a little teddy bear in the living room. Then it was the pictures of them left here and there around the house. One day I walked upstairs to see what was up there and I discovered the children’s room and as the last thing, a room with all their broken things and their clothes. After that I never really felt comfortable being in the house. Knowing that it used to belong to a family who had to run away. The whole town was like that, signs of the fight hidden everywhere, houses empty left in a hurry. Small hidden hints from their everyday life. No matter where you looked you could see the traces from the lives that have lived here. The lives that had been destroyd, because of these stupid powers. I hated being in this town, it felt too much as a ghost town. The suden death of everything here shined too much through. 

I couldn't let anything happen to these people. I couldn't let this repeat its self. "Can't we two just go?" I asked turning around to look at Robert who was still waiting for my answer.

"No we can't, and you know Jake would never let you go, I'm sorry Lea I really am. You should have done this with your mom like it's tradition for. She should have been here with you to tell you everything. To guide you through it all." He said giving my hand a squeeze as he walked past me.

I looked over at Jake to see him talking with James. His body was shift and he had so serious a face on I knew he was in his alpha mode. You could feel the power railing off him. He was mad and nervous about today, which put him in a bad mood and made the others stay away from him. 

I walked over to him and put my hand on his chest. As soon as I did so he pulled me into his arms and hugging me tight to him. "You have told Bob and Rick to be ready if we call them right?" Jake asked over my head to James.

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