Chapter 16

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I would like to dedicate this to ianlover again for helping me with the dinner scene :)

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Chapter 16

"Freedom lies in being bold" - Robert Frost

I didn't fail to notice the irony in the situation. Here I was, looking into my closet trying to find a dress to wear. I have had all my dresses out, but none seemed to work. I let out a sigh before I put my head out in the hall and called on Maggie and Lizzie.

"What" Maggie asked, as she was the first who got to me.

"I need help. I don't know what to wear to the dinner tonight. I don't have anything to wear, do either of you two maybe have a dress I can fit into which and can borrow tonight?" I asked her. Lizzie who was now standing beside her stood with wide eyes just like Maggie before it changed into a big smile.

"Sure, just wait a second." Lizzie said before she disappeared out of the door again, as well as Maggie.
Maggie was the first one to come back with a curling iron in her hand. She asked me to sit in my chair as she turned on the iron and started to give my hair a few curls here and there.

After a few minutes, Lizzie came back in with a dress in her hands. Maggie paused with my hair so I could put the dress on. It was a black dress ending just above my knees. It was tight around my waist but then it was looser from there and down. It had some lace in the opening over my breasts and it fit me perfectly. It was really beautiful. I sat down again and Maggie continued curling my hair. When she was done with my hair I put on some mascara and eyeliner.

"So are you nervous about tonight?" Lizzie asked me from my bed. I was finshed and we were all just sitting in my room now waiting for it was time for me to leave.

"A little I guess. It's just weird that I'm going to sit with them alone a whole night. Usually I'm never alone with them." I answered her. I was a little weird the thought that this was Jakes parents, but I was fine. "So have you heard from Emily lately?" I asked Maggie.

"Yeah I got a mail from her yesterday. She and her grandparents are in a small village called Caorle in Italy at the moment. I'm really looking forward for you to meet her." Maggie said giving me a smile.

We talked for a few more minutes before it was time for me to go, I put on my heels and was out of the door in a few seconds. As I drove into their driveway a little while after I turned off the music and walked out of the car up to the house not far from the pack house. I knocked on the door and was welcomed by John who pulled me into a hug.

"I'm so sorry but my wife invited Jake to join us to dinner." He whispered in my ear and let me go and smile at me. I was surprised by his hug at first, and then by his comment. I hadn't expected Jake to be here, and honestly I didn't really want to see him. But I guess I had to now.

"It's fine, I can't avoid him forever, have to be able to be in the same room right?" I asked smiling up to him. We walked into the living room where I saw Jake sitting in a chair reading.

"You do know that, that trilogy, is as children's book right?" I asked him sitting down on the couch opposite him.

He looked up at me a little shocked before saying anything. "Yeah but I read it when I was a boy and well I found this in my old room upstairs and I wanted to read it again." He said shrugging.

"They are good books. It's just so sad in the end when they sit there in each their world at the same time, at the same place, because that is the only way they can be together just a little." I said remembering it. Those three books were the first ones who really got to me and had me thinking about it for days when I was done. But I really can't believe that Jake and I have something in common. I guess statistic it was bound to happen at some point.

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