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Chapter 21

Lea's POV

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."  

― Winston S. Churchill

I woke up with someone tickling me and I couldn't help but scream a little.

"Derek stop doing that you idiot." I squealed pushing him away from me. "God you're still such a child sometimes." I breathed sitting up in bed

"No, I just like waking you up that way. It's so much fun watching your face. Now come on lets go for our run." Derek said jumping out of bed pulling on his running t-shirt. I let myself fall down in my pillow still feeling sleepy not wanting to get up.

"You're practically begging for round two." Derek grinned starting to slowly walk over to the bed again.

"No stop I'm up. Jeesh, just give me a sec." I mumbled not wanting him to start tickling me again. I slowly got off the bed and searched through my closet until I found something I could run in and put it on.

As soon as we got out of the apartment and down on the street I set off running giving Derek a smirk over my shoulder. He laughed and set off after me. It was good to run with him. There was so much more competition and it made me run faster. We didn't really speak as we ran around the blocks, we just both wanted to be the first at the end line.

When I finally saw my front door I sped up using the last energy I had. Derek did the same, we were side by side, only a few feet away from the door when Derek suddenly speeded up again and ran in front of me and got to the door first.

"You have became slow J.B. Looks like you can't handle it without me huh?" Derek breathed heavily waiting for me to get out my key.

"Nah ah, just wait for our next run, I'll show you." I breathed out as well as I took my necklace out from under my top where I had put my key. I opened the door and let out a heavy sigh when I saw all the stairs I had to climb to get to my apartment. I knew I had to run to stay in shape, and I didn't really mind, I just hated the last five minutes of the run and the stairs.

"You can shower first. I mean I won so it's only fair you get something." Derek said chuckling as I threw my shoe after him before I turned around and went to take a shower.

I was standing in my underwear in front of my closet just looking inside it. I pulled a t-shirt out but threw into the closet again quickly. I took a step to the left to see if there was maybe a dress I wanted to wear today, but there wasn't really one I wanted to wear. I turned again a little frustrated that I didn't have any clothes I wanted to wear. In the end I just grabbed a top from my shelf and pulled it over my head. then I grabbed the first pair of jeans I found and in the end I grabbed an old sweater to bring along.

Derek came in a little while later in his boxers drying his hair with his towel. When he saw me sitting on my bed putting my hair up in a ponytail he let out a small chuckle and smirked. "I have always loved when you put on you Sunday clothes and glasses. Kind of reminds me of when you first moved to CA." I just shook my head smiling and got up and walked out in the living room to get some of my books.

"Hey we don't have any more food." Derek yelled from the kitchen a minute later. "Do you want to stop to get some food on our way to school?" He asked now standing in front of me in the living room.

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