Chapter 30

"Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going."

I woke up with Jakes arms around me and couldn't help the smile that appeared on my face. I loved sleeping in his arms. I turned around and pushed him a little so he was on his back and I was straddling him. I had learned a long time ago now that I couldn't easely get out of his arms when we slept together. Even though I was on top of him, he still had his arms around me. I leaned down and kissed him on the lips. He moaned and raised his hips so I could feel his arousal. I grinned and kissed him again and his arms tightened around me. He started kissing me back and I pulled away looking down at him. "Good morning."

"Good morning love. Favourite way to wake up." He said and got up on his elbows to kiss me again. "Got a hang over today?" Jake asked running his hands down my body and up and down my back.

"Nope I'm good." I said jumping out of the bed and turned around to smile at him over my shoulder. "You?" I asked as I bend down to find my big warm socks to put on. We had all gone out drinking last night, and Jake bought a celebration round, that it had been a month since I decided to give him a second chance.

I had agreed to start dating a week after he came and took care of me, now five weeks ago. But no one in the pack knew we were mates. I didn't want that to come out. Not yet anyway. He had been really sweet, almost too sweet some times these past few weeks. I missed some of his teasing and joking side I knew he had. But I guess he still feels like he's being tested. "No I'm fine today. And you know, it's not fair of you to bend down like that." Jake groaned and I could hear him sitting up. We hadn't had sex, and I knew he was holding his wolf back a lot, more than normal this past week and he couldn't handle me teasing him very well.

I ignored his comment about me bending down but smiled to myself. "I don't know about you, but I'm starving. Want to join me in the kitchen?" I asked as I walked over to the door. He grinned, put on some jeans and a t-shirt and followed me out in the kitchen. I put some bread in the oven to defrost, but was too hungry, so I took some cereal and sat down on the bar chair at the table and started eating while the bread was heating up. Jake jumped up on the kitchen table by the oven and was about to take some cereal as well when we suddenly heard a big bump from James room. We both turned to look at his room as the door opened and Lizzie walked out with James hot in her heals. James was only in his boxers and Lizzie had her dress from last night half on, holding it up with one hand, holding her shoes in the other. My mouth fell open in shock of what I saw. And I'm sure if I looked over at Jake his face would mirror mine. I mean I have seen the morning after look on Lizzie plenty of times before, but I hadn't thought this morning would be one where I would witness her walk of shame.

"Why did you push me out of bed?" James grumbled as he took a hold of Lizzie's arm, which made her stop.

"Why? Are you kidding me? Because you were sleeping up against me and I'm mad at you. How could you do that? I was so drunk and still you slept with me. Is that really the only way you can get a girl into bed? By getting them drunk?" Lizzie almost yelled with her arms every where in the air over her head. Her eyes were slightly darker and her hair was a mess.

"Hey I didn't make you. We were two about this. If I remember correctly you weren't injecting when you were moaning my name last night. You know I had plenty of offers yesterday. And you were the one who took up the whole bed." James argued back sounding really annoyed.

"No I wasn't. If you really had other offers. Why did you then drag me here then?" Lizzie yelled back at him. Wow I hadn't imagined this would ever happen. I didn't really know if we should leave the room or stay. But I couldn't get my self to walk away. It was too much fun to watch.

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