----> Lea as she looks now.

Chapter 8

The emotion that can break you heart is sometimes the very one that heals it - Nicholas Sparks.

I sat in my room looking up at the wall with all the photos I had of my friends and me. I knew I was procrastinating, but I had been doing homework for the last hour now. The pictures were all the old ones of me, Maggie and Nate. I had added new ones of Lizzie, Leo, Derek, Cat and the Feldman family. I still couldn't believe it had been five month since I left my home. Somehow it felt like a lifetime ago, on the other hand did it feel just like yesterday. I looked at the photo of Maggie, Nate and I on the first day of school years back, I did miss them, but not as much as I did to begin with.

It was funny how it seemed like everything changed back home when I moved away. Maggie and Nate started hanging out with Emily, she still spoke with her brother and his friends when she had to, but she didn't hang out with them as she used to anymore. Maggie told me she was mad at Jake for rejecting me like that, something I felt bad about, I didn't want their relationship to go bad because of me. But then again, I didn't make the decision to reject me, he did. Nate and Maggie makes sure not to write about Jake. Though I did find out he was sleeping around a lot.  It hurt when I found out, but just as slowly I started to care less and less.

I hadn't kissed or done anything with anyone since that kiss with Jake. But I'm happy, for the first time in many months. I'm happy again and I love my new life here. My new friends helped me to get up again. After two months I told Lizzie, Leo and Derek why I was here. We were all together at mine and Lizzies place, when they asked me again what had happened to me and why I was here. They had asked me before and I just told them that I wanted a new start. But this time I hesitated for a minute or two and then I told them about Jake. I told them almost everything, only leaving out the him being an alpha bit. When I was done Derek was shaking from anger, and Leo and Lizzie were not far behind him. Saying they were mad at him was an understatement. Rejecting ones mate was a rare thing to happen. But telling them helped me, as soon as I started talking about it, it was like I slowly started healing.

Derek talked to me a lot. His father had left his mom as well. They had been together a week when he told her he didn't want her as his mate, he wanted his human girlfriend and he wasn't going to let fate take the best thing that ever happened to him away, so he left her. Soon after that she found out she was pregnant and had Derek. He has never met his father; he loves his mother too much for that.

Leo was careful around me after I told them why I was here. It was obvious that he didn't know what to say and do around me. It lasted for about a week or so, and then he went back to his normal self. He also started to compliment me more as well as being more protective.

Lizzie on the other hand started getting me out of our home more. She took me to the mall, out for coffee, bowling, open mic nights or just the park to go for a run. I'm glad she hadn't made me go out and drink with them yet, but I knew she would at some point. I wasn't sure if I was ready for the atmosphere at such places yet. All the flirting and the dancing and all the guys trying to pick up girls. Plus the drunk idiots who always tried to touch you when you went out.

She once walked in on me while I was dancing to some music, and the following day she made me join her to dance lessons. I have to admit, I love it, we go there two times a week, but we often dance around at home by ourselves as well.

The dance lessons helped a lot in training as well. Something the boys had been noticing lately. I had become a lot more flexible and I got a better balance, which really helped me when we were fighting in human form. It hadn't taken more than a week for me to admit that I needed contacts. It's not easy to fight when you can't see anything, and my glasses kept falling off.
Derek and I still run together every other morning and they still train me. Now I can keep up with Derek when we run. He is starting to get sweatier at the end of our run, while I don't get as sweaty as I used to. I had become a lot better, and I was a challenge for the boys to overcome now.

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