Chapter 29

"And maybe, just maybe, it will." - Nicholas Sparks.

Hi Lea. Come on in." Derek said as he opened the door into his new apartment for me. He wore some old jeans and a white T-shirt with some paint on. I walked in and looked around. As you got into the flat you walked right into the living room. There was a couch and a TV and a chair. They had a big window and a small table to eat at in front of it, and that was it, nothing else.

"Welcome to my new home." Derek said as he released me from a hug. "Ash this is Lea I told you about. Lea this is my new room mate Ash." Derek said gesturing between us.

"A real pleasure to meet you Lea." Ash said with a small smirk looking me up and down. "I have to say when Derek told me his friend from the Army thing you two are involved in, was coming today. I imagined a manly girl would walk through our door. But damn you're nothing like that." He told with a smirk on his lips. Derek had told Ash that we were in the army. And that is why we sometime have to suddenly take off.

I could see Derek rolling his eyes at Ash. "Do you want something to drink Lea?" Derek asked me looking my way.

"Sure." I answered turning my head to look at him as I sat down in one of the chairs with my legs out over the armrest. Ash walked with Derek around the corner where the kitchen was as an extension to the living room.

"Wow she's hot. How the hell did you manage to sleep beside her every night without fucking her?" I could hear Ash ask Derek in the kitchen, it was confirmed, Ash wouldn't have any problems living with Derek and his slutty ways.

"Don't speak of her that way. And it's not hard if you like the girl as a friend. Besides we used to date" Derek said as he turned the corner with some coffee and blinked to me. He knew I would have heard it all.

"Hold up. You two dated? You dated?" Ash asked first looking at Derek with big eyes and then at me to confirm.

"Yeah. We dated for about two years." I told him trying to hold back a laugh. I don't think he had seen that coming judging from how he looked now.

"Holy shit. And you still work together and are friends? That's impressive. So what is it you do? What can you tell?" Ash rush out existed.

"We catch the bad guys. Can't really say more than that. Even though I hear you is a police officer. How did you end up there?" I asked him trying to get the subject over to something else. It maybe wasn't the best idea of Derek to get a human as room mate. But his cover for the IW was pretty good.

I was glad when Ash just started to talk away. I was really tired after last night and didn't have much energy to lead a conversation. After a few sentence I drifted over in my own thoughts and didn't listen to his story. I couldn't help but to think about what the hell happened yesterday.

"Hey you haven't even seen the rest of the apartment. Come on let me show you." Derek said pulling me out of my thoughts. I looked up at him, nodded and put my cup down on the table as I got up from the chair. He led me out in the kitchen and through it out in a hallway and through the second door on the left

I had barely put a foot into his room before he cornered me. "What's bothering you? And don't try to hide it, I can see your thought are elsewhere and you look really tired." Derek said looking worried.

"It's nothing really. I'm just tired, I couldn't really sleep." I told him trying to change the subject by pointing at his big double bed, trying to make a joke about now he had enough space to take girls with him home, but he wouldn't have it.

"Are you sure? Is it the nightmares? I wish you'd talk with me or somebody about it. Maybe it would help and make them go away. You know you can trust me." He said looking deeply into my eyes. He could do that thing with his eyes where he made me feel kind of guilty for not telling. Making me feel like a child. But I didn't want to share this, I couldn't, I wasn't ready.

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