Chapter Forty Three - Warmth

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They were laying next to each other. He was on his back while Karina's head rested on his chest. His left arm was hugging her close and he didn't mind it being numb. She fell asleep after an earth-shattering lovemaking. But he remained to be awake.

How could he do the same if the truth screamed over and over again in his mind?

It was Karina, it's always been Karina.

He closed his eyes and tried to remember how it all started, his wrong notion of who's the real love of his life.

He was chasing after them. "Katrina, Katrina, wait." He called her name.

His eyes never left her. From the moment they stood up and walked away, his eyes were following her. He kept on calling her name but she was oblivious about it.

He took bigger steps until he could get a hold of her elbow.

"Katrina, I think you forgot something." He said with big smile on his lips.

Innocent yet seductive green eyes stared back at him.

He felt the instant connection. They just stood there looking at each other. Her eyes were full of questions while his wanted to answer it all. He loved staring at those green eyes.

"Oh, thank you." A voice broke the spell.

He looked at the other green eyed beauty but still he was holding Katrina's elbow. "You're welcome. I'm Ethan. You must be Karina.

"No, I'm Katrina." She corrected him and introduced her sister. "And this is Karina."

He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. He should have believed his instinct. The connection was there, he felt it and he was so sure way back then, she was the one he was chasing. He actually get hold of her elbow.

Stupid of him to let go.

Maingat na tumagilid siya at niyakap pa lalo si Karina. Hindi na mauulit pa na bibitaw siya sa kung anong meron sila. Bumaba siya ng higa para magpantay ang kanilang mga mukha. Pinagmasdan niya ang natutulog na asawa. Walang sandali na hindi ito kabigha-bighani sa kanyang paningin.

Kaya siguro noong magkita sila uli sa Davao, inakala na naman niya na ito si Katrina dahil sa kilala ng puso niya na ito talaga ang mahal niya.

When he learned she was pretending to his sister, sa una lang siya nagalit pero hindi rin naman nagtagal ay siya na ang humabol rito. It could have save them a lot of pain and heartbreaks if he wasn't hardheaded.

He gave her a gentle, soft kiss. When he tasted those lips, he couldn't help but to kiss her again, longer yet more careful, he didn't want to wake her. But then again, he failed to control his desires, his kiss deepened.

She made a yawning sound and lazily she opened her eyes.

"Hi!" She greeted while she nudged herself to him. "You're awake already?" She asked, then closed her eyes again.

"Hindi ako makatulog. Don't mind me, I love watching you sleep. Tulog ka uli Love." He said while he too pulled her closer.

"U-umm." She nodded but she kissed him back. "I don't think I could sleep again." She opened her eyes and murmured on his lips. "Sinasabi mo na gusto mo akong matulog pero parang ayaw ako nitong patulugin."

Nangiti siya sa kapilyahan ng asawa. Her hand went down. "I didn't expect you would notice." He grinned. Inalis niya ang kamay nito roon at hinalikan iyon. "Later, Love. It can wait. I want to tell you a story first."

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