Chapter Eighteen - Eight Days Later

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Palagi na lang mainit ang ulo niya nitong mga nakaraang araw dahil sa stress at problema sa kanyang business. One of his big investor would like to pull out his investments. But he couldn’t afford to loose him. New branches in Cebu and Palawan were already in the process of construction. How was he supposed to fund it? Kaya puspusan ang gagawin niyang panunuyo na huwag na nitong alisin ang multi-million nitong investment sa hotel business niya.

            He started his business in Davao. He purchased a land near the airport and built a five storey, thrity five room, hotel which primarily catered airline passengers. But since they improved the quality of service and amenities of the hotel, they were always fully booked. In two years time, he expanded and built another hotel-resort near the coast.

            Then another opportunity opened its door when he was approached by a big player in the industry and offered him additional capital. But with one condition, his next hotel should be in Manila then in Palawan and Cebu. In few months time since Manila branch opened, it earned quite a margin compared to their competitors.  

            Now the faith of his business was in the mercy of Don Eduardo Imperial, the hotel magnate who trusted him his millions.

            “Sorry to keep you waiting.” Don Eduardo greeted him.

        He stood up when Don Eduardo entered the room. When he received a letter stating his intentions to pull out his investment, he immediately requested a sit down with him. He arrived here in Manila yesterday because that was supposed to be the original schedule of their meeting but Don Eduardo cancelled it and moved it today. He stayed at his hotel last night.

        “No, you’re just in time. Napaaga lang ang dating ko.” He said.

        Don Eduardo instructed him to sit down. “Kumusta ang construction mo sa Palawan at Cebu?”

        “They are doing fine not until I received your letter.” He admitted.

        “That’s what I like about you.” Don Eduardo said after his laughter filled the room. “Direct to the point, walang paligoy ligoy. Katulad na lang noong nakita kong ginawa mo sa isang kasal.”

        “Nadoon kayo?” Excited na tanong niya.

        Isa pang dahilan kung bakit mainit ang ulo niya dahil mula ng gabi ng kasal ni Katrina ay hindi na niya nakita pa si Karina. He tried calling her but her number was always out of coverage area. He even asked Mary Ann to call her date to get Karina’s number pero ayaw daw ibigay. He’s worried and frustrated.

        Kaya ganoon na lang ang excitement sa boses niya na malaman na invited si Don Eduardo siguradong kililala nito either si Katrina or ang groom.

        “Oo. I enjoyed your theatrical speech. It’s like watching a movie and I had the best seat.” All smiles si Don Eduardo.  “My regret was I failed to capture it in camera. I just hope the videographer recorded it.”

        Don Eduardo sounded please on what he did but that was very impulsive and he made a fool out of himself. He’s not very proud of how immature his reaction was and the ‘things’ he did after. Especially the pain he caused to Karina.

        “Sir, I would like to ask a big favor. Could you please give me the contact numbers of either the bride or the groom? I need to talk to either of the two.”

        “I thought you are here to talk about my investments.” Don Eduardo crossed his brows.

        “Yes that’s really my intention but I am looking for my wife. Hindi ko alam kung saan ko siya hahanapin.”

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