Chapter Seven - Saturdate

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"We should go here more often. Let's go! We should try the Space Shuttle." Katrina said before headed to the waiting line of thrill seekers.

Joy was written all over her sister's face. Katrina always loved theme parks because of the extreme thrill rides, one of the fewest things they didn't have in common.

Ethan smirked before he winked at her. "Your sister seemed to be enjoying our date more than you do. I thought you love roller coaster rides? You mentioned it to me before."


She smiled at him to hide her nervousness. There's no way she would be riding a roller coaster. That would be the end of her. But Ethan had been very attentive and sweet to her. He's the perfect date and she played her role flawlessly. She couldn't afford getting caught. It's too early for her Saturdate to end.

They never expected it would end up like this. All Katrina wanted was for her to get to know Ethan better. However he mistakenly thought she was Katrina. At first, she didn't know how to react. When Katrina played along and pretended to be her, she had no choice but to go with the flow.

"Yes, I love roller coaster!" She tried to sound excited.

She walked past him and tried to pick up Katrina's pace. "Kari, wait. Aren't you hungry? Do you want to eat first?"

"Later. You don't eat before you ride or you'll throw up." Katrina scolded her.

Unbelievable! Katrina forgot about her fear of heights. She caressed her neck and her anxiety started to build up.

"What is she going to do?" She asked herself.

"Scared?" Ethan asked her.


"No." She lied smiling. "I'm just hungry that's all."

"Karina's right, you'll throw up if you eat now. After this, I won't stop you. Eat whatever you want." Ethan smiled and winked at her.

Instead of enjoying this moment, fear was starting to overwhelm her. Was this the price she had to pay for pretending to be Katrina?

"Yes!" Katrina exclaimed. "We are next."

Hearing the screams of the people riding it brought chills to her spine. She swallowed twice. To act like everything's okay was way, way harder compared to pretending to be Katrina. Deep inside, she was already screaming her hearts out.

Katrina was standing in front of her while Ethan was at her left side.

The door opened and soon screaming and laughing patrons came out. Her heart stopped beating, then stillness and finally...

When she saw Katrina stepped forward, she felt a hand pulling her away from the crowd. She firmly squeezed the hand holding her as if her life depended on it.

"Finally, we're alone." Ethan said.

She looked at him and smiled. "Yes finally!" She remarked. "My heart beats again." Unconsciously she uttered it aloud.

"For me?" Ethan teasingly asked.

Immediately, her cheeks burned. She bit her lips to punish it from uttering those words that were not meant to be heard.

"Don't do that..." Ethan eyes focused on her lips. "Not in front of other boys. They may not have that much of a self control. I, myself is having a hard time fighting the urge to claim those lips."

She could feel her cheeks reddened more and automatically she cover her lips with her right hand. She didn't know what to say. How was she supposed to respond? It's her first time to hear that kind of confession.

He wanted to claim her lips? Meaning? He wanted to kiss her?

She swallowed and the anxiety inside her was starting to build up again, not of fear but because of anticipation.

"I'm sorry." Ethan scratched his head. "I never should have said that. Forgive me but I can no longer suppress my feelings for you. I know we barely know each other and my plan was to court you once you turned eighteen. But now, I want you to know that intentions are true."

She couldn't contain her happiness, it showed on her smile.

"The first time I saw you and your sister, I was fascinated. Not every day I get the chance to see two both stunningly beautiful twins. But every time I see you smile, I'm starting to realize I like you more. I was mesmerized by your smiles. My heart chooses you, Katrina." Ethan continued.


Oh, she forgot, Ethan was confessing his love not for her but for her sister. She tried to maintain her smiles and held her tears. That's the sweetest and at the same time the most painful confession she'd heard.

"I think I'm falling for you Katrina." Ethan paused. "There's no need for you to respond now. I am more than willing to wait. I love you Ka--"

She couldn't bear to hear her sister's name anymore. Without thinking further, she tiptoed, put her hands on his shoulder and planted a kiss on his lips. She closed her eyes when her lips touched his and wrapped her arms on his neck. He didn't move and she felt him stiffened.

With more courage, she ended the kiss and put her hands on her side. She never felt so insecure. Maybe he didn't like the way she kissed him. She avoided his eyes and looked at her feet.

Ethan raised her chin using his finger. "Are you mad because I didn't respond to your kiss?"

"No, I understand if you don't like it."

"You're right, I didn't like it." Ethan confirmed.

She turned her face to the side.

"I love it. I love you more for kissing me." Ethan continued. "I cannot describe how happy I am right now."

"It's just that I am not a good kisser?" She asked.

"I didn't returned your kisses because I don't want to take advantage." Ethan held her hand and pulled her close. She was leaning on her chest but he was not embracing her. "In time, I will kiss you properly and I will teach you how to kiss me back. But for now, holding hands will be enough."

She smiled and with her free hand, she touched his face.

"Having you is enough." She confessed. "Ethan, from now on, you are mine."

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