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An Impossible Deception by Spiszy
An Impossible Deceptionby Erica Jennings
FOR FANS OF BRIDGERTON. To save her family's reputation, Isabella must impersonate her twin sister to deceive her sister's husband in a scheme that depends on her not fa...
I Was Never Yours by JessGirl93
I Was Never Yoursby Blair
When Arianna marries billionaire Zach Price to save her family, she doesn't expect to fall in love with a man who'd always consider her a second choice. An unexpected tu...
ABDICATION  by goldndiamonds
ABDICATION by Sonia Yadav
The rain made her wet clothes stuck to her body like second skin. He could see the pale skin from now see through material. The cool air made her shudder but that wasn't...
Sparks Fly by VIVKELLER23
Sparks Flyby Vivienn Keller
A Featured Wattpad Romance, Wattpad New Adult, and Wattpad Psychological Novel (triggering romance) **November 3, 2019: 1st place Winner of romance category for the Mont...
ʙɪʟʟɪᴏɴ's ʙʀɪᴅᴇ by opelxorlali
ʙɪʟʟɪᴏɴ's ʙʀɪᴅᴇby Xorlali Opel
[ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇᴅ] "I want a church wedding." "You want a church wedding?" he seethed. "Are you also willing to perform the duties that comes with bein...
The Austin Arrangement  by NatalieOLeary2019
The Austin Arrangement by Natalie O'Leary Roche
When Vanessa Garcia married Billionaire Business Man Jeremy Austin,it was her last desperate attempt to save her family from ruin. A year of pretending to be his wife,li...
The Legendary Female Strategist by Celestial_Immortal
The Legendary Female Strategistby Celestial_Immortal
Eight years after the Great War, the world is now ruled by four kingdoms. On the surface, there is peace and prosperity. However, nothing is ever what it really seems. E...
His Secret Baby(Sample) by MOZIDAT
His Secret Baby(Sample)by Rachel
"I was pregnant, Chris." Chris's system shut down the instant the words were out of the maid's mouth. "What do you mean you were pregnant?" he clear...
Disruption. | Bucky Barnes  by ughbuckybarnes
Disruption. | Bucky Barnes by ughbuckybarnes
After losing her mother, and spiraling into destructive behaviour that causes friction in her already strained relationship with her father, Eden Stark is assigned yet a...
The Saga Of  Love & War by Yanika1888
The Saga Of Love & Warby Yanika
This story is of two people who met for a mission , they got tied to each other to expose each other for a mission 🥀 Did they really got betrayed by each other ? Is t...
ICY by Bretaughtyou
ICYby Bretaughtyou
Beautiful. Head strong. Dominant. Those are all adjectives you could use to describe Isis Armon, formally known as Yuko. A victim of sex trafficking, Isis doesn't know w...
Loving Him  by foreworded
Loving Him by c.
A lot happened in four years. Scotty's best friend, Eric, moved away to live with his boyfriend and Scotty moved in with his sister. Generally, life seemed quite ordinar...
My Possessive Alien Zolk by MandyMays2
My Possessive Alien Zolkby Mandy Mays
Abigail is seventeen when she's kidnapped and told by her captor he will return for her in three years. Will she be able to hide from his return? Why does he even want h...
Mio Amore (Caius Volturi) by pockadotunicorn
Mio Amore (Caius Volturi)by pockadotunicorn
Ximena, a girl rescued from an abusive home, moves from Los Angeles to Forks with her new family for a fresh start when she meets famous Bella Swan. The pair become thic...
Silver Snake (Yandere Prince x Reader) by ATwistedFate
Silver Snake (Yandere Prince x ATwistedFate
A kingdom in need of a ruler finds itself tricked unknowingly by their enemy. Their princess, Y/N, is in the hands of the enemy prince, unable to escape without facing c...
Deception by AJ_247
Deceptionby AJ
Three girls live right on the beach, across from them is a huge penthouse. It is extremely expensive and no one has lived there while they have been there. They have be...
Destiny Has It ~Completed ✔️ by FirstRaysOfSun
Destiny Has It ~Completed ✔️by FirstRaysOfSun
She misunderstood him. She didn't knew the one from whom she was taking revenge was actually on her side. She was blinded by her revenge. Misunderstandings are always da...
Differences (Interracial Urban love Story)  by justcallmesavage
Differences (Interracial Urban S A V A G E 🧜🏾‍♀️✨
"Assumption, and lack of communication are the number one relationship killers. We all perceive differently. We've lived different lives, we have different views. U...
I'm all I've got  by islandgyal2000
I'm all I've got by Islandgyal🌴
"You lied and then left, but I understand why you had to do it," I shrugged "Do you hold that against him?" Miss Margaret asked "No, I -&qu...
Ruby Red - A Story of Love and Romance by dlcroisette
Ruby Red - A Story of Love and D L Croisette
Award-winning ✅ Wattpad NA and Cupid featured story. "The romance broke the stereotype of weak female falling for hot hunk. This book is one of a kind. As a roman...