In his mind, he had formed a definite plan on how he could erase the bad memory of Karina's first time. He wanted to make love to her passionately but tenderly. His main concern was to make sure he satisfied her first before he could think of his own pleasure.

But her lips fit perfectly to his, it's hard to control his urgent need to claim her at once. Her lips soft like a rose of petal was under the burning assault of his mouth. He tasted each corner of her lips, plunged his tongue inside her mouth and not so gently nibbled her lower lip.

He expected her to protest and to draw away from his kisses but she encouraged him a sexy moan, put her hands around his neck and pulled him down to deepen the kiss. She wanted him to go further. She welcomed his curious tongue by thrusting hers against its seductive stroke.

Her mouth tasted so good. He was excited to taste the other parts of her body. He'd make sure not to miss any of it.

His groaned in torment, when his hand feel her breast outside her blouse. He pictured on his mind her two twin pinkish peaks, he remembered how it hardened under the simple touch of his thumb and he hadn't forgotten how it tasted like.

Their lips parted.

"Karina." He whispered while he impatiently tugged the hem of her blouse and pulled it off her. She helped him by raising both of her hands. His stares lingered on her body. They remained seated facing each other.

His right hand touched her left bare shoulder and slowly pulled down the strap of bra while his other hand teased her right breast through her bra. She arched her back while their eyes locked at each other. His wife looked seductively beautiful with her lips parted and in her eyes, he saw reflection of his burning desire.

He once again gave in, took her lips and kissed her deep and slow. As he unhooked her bra, his free hand cupped her one bared breast, squeezed it gently and tweaked the tip. She moaned in his mouth and bit his lip in approval.

While their lips were busy pleasuring each other, he slowly guided her to lie down as he positioned himself on top of her.

When he removed his mouth from hers, a sound of protest came out of her mouth but soon after she moaned in pleasure when his mouth found her breast and planted soft wet kisses on her bare skin but he purposely left her nipple behind. He did it on her other breast too.

"Ethan, please." Her sexy plea.

"Please what love?" He teased her by trailing kisses up to her neck. "Tell me what you want." He whispered on her ear.

"Please, kiss me." She begged him.

"I'm kissing you already love." He said while he kissed her neck, leaving love marks.

His hands were busy unbuttoning his pants and removing her shorts. He pulled down it down, exposing her panties. He played with the hem of her panties before he pulled it down. She eagerly used her legs and feet to remove her lower garments away from her body.

"Ethan, kiss me more!" She said in a demanding tone.

"Yes Love, I'm planning to do more than just kissing." He said before he gave in to her command.

He lowered down himself and claimed her right nipple. He sucked it and rolled his tongue around her nipple. She arched her back and dug her fingers on his hair.

"Ethan..." She writhed in pleasure.

While his lips were busy giving her breast a delightful assault, he used his hand to give her more intense and pleasurable advances. He caressed her inner thigh as his lips traveled down.

"No, Ethan!" Karina protested as his mouth explored what his finger had found.

Her cries grew frantic every time he found her precious gem. Soon enough, she exploded and shuddered. He slid and kissed his way back up her body.

She shyly avoided his eyes.

"No, Love. Look at me. Karina, there's nothing to be ashamed of, this is part of making you feel how much I love you." He gave her a short but lingering kiss. "Do you want us to stop now?"

"No!" She abruptly answered. "I want to pleasure you too."

She embraced him.

He watched her face as he throbbed with a painful need to finish and take her. He parted her legs and settled in. She gasped when she felt him on her lower stomach.

"Karina, this could hurt you." He warned her before he inched his way inside.

She closed her eyes as she endured his size and he stopped when he was almost halfway there.

"Ethan, please take me now! You're making it worst by delaying it." She commanded before she moved her hip to meet his thrust.

He lost control and started his gentle drive. He maintained a slow and steady speed to make sure their journey will be smooth sailing. With every maneuver, he was rewarded by her warmth and tightness. He got excited when he saw they were nearing their destination. He increased his speed and moved with precise skill. He continued to accelerate and go faster until finally they both came at the finish line.

Sweetest Lie (PUBLISHED BY PSICOM)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!